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ZHK the City of yachts

Unlike standards of new building when the good form considers to direct buildings upwards, with the City of yachts have arrived differently: it have put sideways. It has turned out original the bridge thrown from the Leningrad highway to a water smooth surface, from city vanity - to the nature. It is interesting and the chosen architectural style sending to 70 - 80 - m to years of the XX-th century. In general, this style at us is underestimated, in difference, say, from Stalin architecture, but, I think, interest to it again will appear, and together with it - there will be new opening. In a case with the City of yachts interest to architecture of this period has been connected by that in the neighbourhood with it the masterpiece of those years - microdistrict " settles down; the Swan . On this neighbourhood the architect also has played.

as greetings from the same epoch - Valery Koshljakova`s panel at an end face Cities of yachts . Some name a panel rude, probably, without giving itself the report that is an intended step, a remark of the standards, popular three - four decades ago.

Therefore, in my opinion, the complex has turned out very organic, in it it was possible to solve all problems facing the architect, and at the same time it has pleased both to customers, and buyers. Also is very pleasant to notice that people start to feel and appreciate worthy architecture.