Rus News Journal

Nikita Tokarev , the head of architectural bureau Panakom

your club house it is the extremely difficult to name something especial. Certainly, in the town-planning plan it is correct. However at all its improbable dearness from the point of view of architecture, in my opinion, it represents the sample of the mainstream combining historical and modern details. And such combination is made with the one and only purpose - to please all: and soglasujushchim to instances, both the customer, and the buyer. And not to be allocated. The stone in a strip is responsible for the present, an eaves - for a context, a triangular bay window - greetings to constructivism. All this, multiplied by a successful site, - here the success recipe.

this situation could be written off on inexperience of the builder, however in relation to the company Barkli such statement will be incorrect in a root. It has much more worthy in the architectural plan objects. For example, Barkli - Plaza around the same Ostozhenka. That is interesting houses are able to project and erect, but not always want.

in general if to speak as a whole about Ostozhenka, I absolutely agree with Alexander Skokanom who during Venetian biennial named the approach to architecture of this enclave for millionaires design of bank cells . Besides that in to gold mile there are houses good, and even very much. However as a whole environment has changed considerably and to the worst, and Ostozhenka now - a place for an investment of money, instead of for life.