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the Competitive managing director GPKO Palkinsky DEP - 13 declares carrying out of the open auctions in the form of auction on a concession of the rights of the requirement of debtor GPKO Palkinsky DEP - 13 being to the address: Kostroma region, Antropovsky r - n, with. Palkino, street May Day, 2

a prize the Name the Size of the requirement (rbl.) the Initial price (rbl.)

1 Concession of the rights of the requirement of debtor GPKO Palkinsky DEP - 13 to Municipal union of Anthropovsky municipal area in the name of Administration of Anthropovsky area of the Kostroma region 514 479 180 000

the Auctions are spent in the form of the auction opened on structure of participants on November, 18th, 2008 in 10. 00 to the address: 156961, Kostroma, street Shagova, 20, of. 310. The size of the deposit for participation in the auctions is established 36 000 rbl., an auction step - 9 000 rbl. of the Demand in 20 copy on participation in the auctions are accepted to the address of tendering within 30 days from the date of the message publication in the newspaper daily in the working days with 9. 00 to 16. 00. Demands acceptance Summarizing on November, 19th, 2008 in 10. 00 to the tendering address.

following documents are applied on the demand:

- the document confirming entering of the deposit; notarially certified copies of constituent documents and a certificate copy about gos. To registration and statement on the tax account, an extract from EGRJUL, received not earlier than before 30 calendar days before application; buh. Balance on posledneju accounting date, the report on executive office appointment, the decision of the authorised body on participation in the auctions, the power of attorney on the person, authorised to operate on behalf of the applicant; notarially the certified copy of the passport for fiz. Persons; for IP - a copy of the certificate on registration as IP; the inventory of documents in 2 - h copy

the Deposit is listed on settlement account GPKO Palkinsky DEP - 13 :

r/ sch 40702810800000000743 in KB Open Company Aksonbank Kostroma, BIK 043469714, barks. sch. 30101810300000000714, an INN 4408001350, a check point 440801001.

the Winner of the auctions the participant who has offered the highest price for a subject of the auctions appears.

in day of tendering the Winner and the Organizer sign the report on results of the auctions. The purchase and sale contract subscribes during 10 - ti days from the date of auction summarising, payment for the right of the requirement got at auction - within 15 days from the date of the contract conclusion.

to Familiarize with the documentation, conditions and order of tendering, the auction documentation, it is made in the working days with 9. 00 to 16. 00 to the address of tendering, bodies.: (8 - 4942) 31 - 47 - 15.