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the Competitive managing director of the debtor Open Company Commercial centre Tarjaan declares carrying out of open auction on sale of the uninhabited premise located to the address: the Uhlan - Ude, street Dimitrova, 4, a total area of 68,5 sq. m., located on 1 floor 4 - the floor house. The initial price of a prize - 2 562 000 rbl., without the VAT

Date and a place and tenderings - 14. 00 ch. On November, 12th 2008 g, to the address: the Uhlan - Ude, street Botanical, 71

the Form of giving of offers on the price - opened. An auction step - 100 000 rbl.

To participation the auctions are supposed persons, in due time, in the established form, the presented necessary documents which have provided receipt of the deposit (at a rate of 10 % from the initial price of a prize) to 11. 11. 2008 into the account of the seller and registered as participants in day of tendering.

participants of the auctions are obliged to present copies assured notarially: jur. Persons - the Charter, Certificate OGRN, an extract from EGRJUL, the certificate on statement on the account in tax department; fiz. Persons - the passport, certificate OGRN, an INN, to the representative fiz. Persons - the notarial power of attorney.

account requisites: Open Company Commercial centre Tarjaan an INN 0323105949, r/ with 40702810709160102334 in Buryat OSB 86014 the Uhlan - Ude, PEAK 048142604, to/ with 30101810400000000604.

by the Winner of the auctions the person who has offered a ceiling price on the exposed prize will be declared. The purchase and sale contract consists also a current of 10 days from the moment of tendering. Results of the auctions will be declared 12. 11. 2008

property Terms of sale provide reception of money resources not later than in a month from the date of the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale.

application forms for participation to direct to the address: the Uhlan - Ude, street Botanical, 71. Ph.: (3012 44 - 10 - 61.