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it is worthy, but without luxury - so it is possible to formulate main principle of building and the organisation of hotels for pilgrims. Designing of pilgrim hotel or strannopriimnogo is present today at the plan for development of almost each Russian monastery of house. In the long term they should become links of a uniform hotel network of Russian Orthodox Church.
All inclusive on - church
the First time in hotel for pilgrims I have appeared 20 years ago in the Pskov diocese. It was the small house on suburb of Pskov, directly opposite to a temple. - in a kitchen garden, and water it was necessary to carry a washstand from a well. Here I have faced for the first time system all inclusive on - church. Awakening, reading of a morning rule, participation in divine service, and after its termination - a meal. Upon termination of day - vespers or a nightlong, joint meal with the prior and clergymen of a temple, reading of an evening prayful rule and a release. Thus, all inclusive in this case means full inclusion in a church rhythm of life.

the second time I observed pilgrims in small verhnevolzhskom small town Tutaev. They spent the night directly in a building of the Voskresensky cathedral. I at first did not understand, why visitors prefer hospitable tutaevskim to the grandmothers willingly accepting on postoj pilgrims, a floor in a temple. It has appeared, all the matter is that along with wonder-working icons in this cathedral is unique samples of an Old Russian wooden sculpture. And special honouring at pilgrims uses big kiot with a sculpture of Nikoly Mozhaisk. On national poverju, prelate Nikolay makes every night divine service, and there is even a custom of times in a year to change to it worn out tapki. It, of course, a case exclusive - as a rule, pilgrims remain to spend the night within the precincts of temples, only when there is no possibility to stop on a lodging for the night in pilgrim hotel or to rent a room at local residents. Nevertheless it is necessary to recognise that pilgrims - an especial category of travellers, and hotels are necessary to them the special.

behind the answer to a question as affairs with hotels for pilgrims now are, I have gone on jugo - the West of Moscow, to hotel University where the pilgrim centre of the Moscow patriarchy settles down. The hotel has been transferred Russian Orthodox Church in 1994, but come into it employees of church could only on the eve of celebrating 2000 - letija Christmas.

the hotel was in a sorry plight and demanded reconstruction, from 15 floors worked only 5, - Sergey Zhitenev, the general director of the pilgrim centre of the Moscow patriarchy tells. - in the shortest terms we kosmeticheski have repaired it and have prepared for reception of visitors. Hotel University became one of the first hotels after 1917 with orthodox way and church management .

As well as the pilgrim centre, University concerns conducting department of external church communications of Russian Orthodox Church. In transfer into secular language is a hotel of level three stars . It is opened for all comers, in the questionnaire there is no column Religion . But there is a special pilgrim tariff on which here accept priests and bishops. It is a question about 20 - a percentage discount or, by way of exception, of free placing. Anyway it occurs only on blessing of directly patriarch or head OVTSS of the lord Cyril.

as to the most number fund University in some numbers of economic categories (basically three-local where the place costs 900 rbl. a day) there is no phone and the TV. Repair here was not practically since the Olympic Games. Single rooms of similar level of comfort stand 1,4 thousand rbl. a day. But is in hotel and the reconstructed floors on which numbers differ nothing from habitual secular three stars . There are they already 2,9 - 4 thousand rbl. a day depending on the area and a condition.

at each number there are icons, and on 15 - m, the top floor here five years the temple for the sake of sacred ravnoapostolnoj princesses Olga (on a site the highest in Moscow, and it is possible, and in Russia) operates. Under the legend, sacred Olga became the first Russian palomnitsej, having made travel to Constantinople till a christening of Russia. According to Sergey Zhiteneva, in this chamber hotel church opened daily since morning and till evening, very often pass weddings and christening. As well as everywhere, newly married can reserve in advance to itself room lux (12 thousand rbl. a day). In total in University continuing to be reconstructed, an order of 280 numbers of different categories.

the Overwhelming majority of employees of hotel - orthodox Christians. They know how to address with the visitors believing or invested by a holy order. And different religions. By the way, votserkovlennye orthodox people make no more than 25 % from number of all visitors - usual tourists prevail. And mid-annual loading University - an order of 80 %.

It seems logical to rename University let us assume, in hotel the Pilgrim but its general director reasonably objects is at once will strike on loading. If throughout 30 with superfluous years it passed in all directories as University and suddenly changes the name - people will start to be confused. Especially other such hotel in Russia simply is not present. Experience on management of it, rather successful, actively adopt in regions, being trained in subtleties of orthodox management. The similar hotel combining secular with church, are going to construct in St.-Petersburg - near to Aleksandro - the Neva monastery already allocates the earth, the project is ready.

other standards
As to pilgrim hotels at monasteries and arrivals, that, by Sergey Zhiteneva`s estimations, for their today hardly is more than 100 within jurisdiction of the Moscow patriarchy, including the CIS countries and the far abroad. Basically all prevail the same strannopriimnye at home - orthodox analogue of guest houses. When for small, sometimes a symbolical payment it is possible to spend the night in enough ascetic conditions.

so, hotel for pilgrims can quite be and the converted railway car, as at Zhirovichsky Piously - the Uspensky man`s monastery in Belarus, all for 50 rbl. a day. In Sergiev Posad situated near Moscow in hotel ekonomklassa Voznesensky Where conveniences on a floor and two-story beds, from the pilgrim take 200 rbl. for a place.

about luxury there is no speech and in the advanced church hotels as it contradicts the nature of pilgrimage. Therefore secular standards of level a premium, and in general state standards of hotel business in relation to hotels for pilgrims are not absolutely applicable.

in some hotels it is possible to stop only from blessing of the deputy. Pilgrims, for example, coming in Piously - Troitsk Serafimo - the Diveevsky monastery and interested persons free of charge to stop in enough modest hotel located within the precincts of a monastery, blessing at the prior igumeni should ask Sergii. Similar departmental the hotel is and in the Trinity - Sergievoj to laurels.

Today hotels for pilgrims exist practically at all large stavropigialnyh (submitting directly to the patriarch, instead of the local bishop) monasteries. Such as Piously - Danilov, Don, New Spassky, Sretensky in Moscow, Voskresensky New Jerusalem and Savvino - Storozhevsky monasteries in Moscow suburbs, Valaam, Solovetsky, Deserts Optina, etc.

According to Sergey Zhiteneva, in a mass order they will start to open through two - three years. Today, when in monasteries basically temples and brotherly cases are already restored, start to be accepted and to building of pilgrim hotels, strannopriimnyh houses. Their different contractors under a direct management of the deputy build. The main thing here not to be mistaken with quantity of places. In a small monastery it makes sense to build hotel approximately on 40 places - contains the average bus so much. If places will be more, they will simply not be filled. Any pilgrim hotel should be profitable. Thereupon the general pilgrim statistics is curious. It has good dynamics, but is indicative, what even for Easter on number of pilgrims to the Sacred Earth we are still far from pre-revolutionary level. In 1914 for Easter Jerusalem has visited more than 6 thousand Russian pilgrims. Now this figure fluctuates within 1,5 - 2 thousand. Everything, by estimations of the pilgrim centre, from Russia abroad annually goes over 100 thousand pilgrims whereas the internal stream makes more than 3 million Most part of pilgrims - about 1 million believers - accepts to the Trinity - Sergieva of laurels.

it is necessary to notice that if in the near future at each monastery the hotel it will be really possible to speak about creation of a church hotel network to what the management of the pilgrim centre of the Moscow patriarchy aspires will open. It is a network not in usual professional understanding as rigid uniform standards in this case cannot be. It is a question of creation of hundreds the orthodox hotels, different management (church) and internal rules. The pilgrim centre for them becomes faster methodical, instead of an administrative centre.

system of the taxation of this specific version of hotel business - separate and enough uneasy question as hotels for pilgrims, according to employees of Russian Orthodox Church, not hotel business as that, and monasteries and arrivals direct the earned money on charitable are necessary also development of religious activity. About that, the hotel for pilgrims how many can earn, in the pilgrim centre have refused to speak. Though, most likely, it is a question of the sums quite comparable to incomes of secular hotel. As cost of number fund is quite commensurable.