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Money - in studio

some companies declared Recently ground plans in Russia new film studios. Thus a film studio - the extremely whimsical from the point of view of building object, and its opening - risky enough investment.
the film
the First film studios in Russia is shot have started to be under construction simultaneously with cinema development in the USSR - then there was a first boom of building of pavilions and platforms for the film industry. All these studios were state and have been concentrated mainly in Moscow and St.-Petersburg.

in 1990 - e years the Russian cinema, as well as many other things, has actually collapsed, and it has caused to film studios a damage from which they and could not recover. At some studios manufacture in general has stopped, and the unique survived studio became Mosfilm which has had money for development, selling the rights to an enormous film library belonging to it. Now Mosfilm Being the state organisation, does not use budgetary funds.

other Soviet film studios have fallen into decay. the technical condition of film studios which now exist in Russia, is pitiable. Basically large studios exist and work, though a part of premises are transformed into warehouses. But much at the state studios cannot give - Yury Sapronov, the general director of a movie company of Joint-Stock Company RVS tells.

privatisation could rescue Large state studios, but it is constantly postponed - the Ministry of culture is afraid that attractive platforms in the central part of cities on which film studios are located, will be used for the building which are not concerning the film industry.

for now the state studios vegetate, in Russia the private actively are announced and under construction.

New projects
In last year - ones and a half the extraordinary quantity of new projects of film studios has been declared. Including have declared projects and a little large developers.

system - the Tack has almost completed the film studio first stage in St.-Petersburg for the sisters - entering in AFK System film industrial company RWS. It will be the largest film studio in Russia a total area more than 11 thousand in sq. m.

the Hungarian developer company TriGranit still one and a half years ago declared intention to construct in St.-Petersburg a film studio with the media centre. To help with realisation of this project owe the government of St.-Petersburg. While the project is not begun yet though in the company say that do not refuse it.

it became known that in Gluhov situated near Moscow will construct a film studio with an accompanying infrastructure " This summer; Glavkino - The company belonging to director Feodor Bondarchuk and its partners - to bank VTB which has granted the loan, and president FK Uralsib to Nikolay Tsvetkovu. The corporation has taken part In work on the project the Sign provided preparation necessary for building of studio and an accompanying social and engineering infrastructure of a site, and also a site. It is planned that the film studio will consist of a complex of versatile buildings. Officially in the company explain that at a current stage of the project prematurely to tell something defined about metric area of each type of real estate as various projects of building are considered some. The preference will be given a variant as much as possible corresponding to industrial requirements and prospect of development of a film complex. Within the limits of the project it will be constructed 7 - 10 thousand in sq. m of film television studio, 30 thousand in sq. m will make the areas of the trading and entertaining centre, about 100 thousand in sq. m will occupy habitation. The project will include also a hotel complex, a recreational zone and offices for the producer companies.

other project of the large developer is a media park in project territory Konstantinovo which plans to construct Eurasia of City . At exhibition MIPIM - 2008 the agreement with a broadcasting company " has been signed; the First channel which has acted as the general partner in realisation of this project. The project provides building of a multimedia complex on cinema manufacture - a body - and radio production, and also a data-centre, thematic park of entertainments and inhabited microdistrict for representatives of creative trades. Under media park 140 hectares of territory are taken away, and the total amount of investments reaches 35 mlrd rbl. ($1,4 mlrd).

Sing the finance
the Film studio - object hlopotnyj. To its arrangement and equipment the set of requirements is shown. So, it should not be far from the big cities, after all many actors work not only at cinema, but also at theatre.

in Moscow to find a free platform with good transport availability to construct on it studio from zero difficult, therefore developers should search for alternative variants.

film studios are required the big premises. The film pavilion area usually makes 300 - 3000 sq. m. Thus that in pavilion it was possible to shoot full-length pictures, the height of ceilings should make at least 8 m. Therefore the majority of new film studios settles down in the former factory shops. So, a company film studio Amedia takes place in the former cases of ball-bearing factory; the Moscow film studio RWS - in territory ZILa. Even most advanced the project from nowadays under construction - the Leningrad film studio RWS will settle down in territory of the former industrial zone.

However to use unadapted premises it is impossible. Modern film production shows a number of essential requirements directly to object building. Already at a design stage the raised requirement for an electricity, necessity of good sound insulation of some premises, other technical features " is considered; - the general director of a management company " explains; Glavkino Ilya Bachurin. in pavilions there should be an excellent air-conditioning, ventilation, hot water, cold water - Vladimir Simonov, the general director of the company " adds; Media - City .

As a result reconstruction of existing premises, updating of communications cost dearer, than new building. To construct film pavilion from zero costs from $1,2 - 1,3 thousand for sq. m, to reconstruct existing platforms leaves more expensive - from $1,5 thousand Film studio building in whole (considering an accompanying infrastructure) manages in $2,2 - 2,5 thousand for sq. m, and pavilions approximately from $1 for sq. m a day are leased. Thus to involve tenants not so - that is simple, the choice at them is: at the majority of capital studios fillability and in the best months makes 75 %.

Investments turn out long. So, it is planned that a project recoupment Glavkino will make about 12 years. Company RWS counts that the first stage of the project of a film studio in which it is enclosed about $100 million, will pay off approximately for 7 - 8 years. In the modern market of real estate it is possible to find object for investments and it is more interesting. As without partners from the film industry to start such business it is impossible.

Disputable interest
Arises a question: what for risky investments into absolutely unusual sector were necessary for them for developers?

Creation of capacities for the domestic film industry is absolutely natural reaction to the requirement of a corresponding segment of the market. The project has appeared thanks to that interests of all participants have found a corresponding place in the concept of creation of a modern film studio in Moscow suburbs - Bachurin explains.

nevertheless it is improbable that investors moves only love to art and interest to the new market. More likely by means of film studios they want to diversify the risks partially.

at the same time all projects declared by developers are not limited to film studios and in all the film studio area is non-comparable to the areas of commercial and inhabited real estate which will surround a film studio.

on a media centre share in the project Konstantinovo it is necessary 140 hectares of the earth (it three times more than on Mosfilm ) But a project total area - more than 3000 hectares. And the media centre, as well as other unusual elements of the project - autodrome, academgorodok, the centre of industrial design and innovations, - should promote growth of interest of buyers to habitation in the new town-planning project.

corporation the Sign while participates in the project Glavkino only the earth, but it is not excluded that in due course the film studio becomes a highlight of new inhabited and business area. the film studio is some kind of the locomotive of complex development of territory. Project realisation provides creation of considerable volume of an engineering infrastructure, including traffic intersections, additional capacities of systems elektro - vodo - gas supply. Already at a planning stage possibility of is considered that the film studio in the future becomes the centre of gravity of a complex of inhabited and commercial real estate - Ilya Bachurin explains. So film studios on a plan of investors should make not so much independent profit, how many serve as the tool of stimulation of demand from buyers of habitation and tenants of commercial real estate.