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Millionaires - for MKAD

In Moscow some more projects of exhibition areas are realised. There is a working out of projects of reconstruction and building of new objects on Rosstrojekspo the area of 45 thousand in sq. m; in Luzniki erect it is sports - the exhibition centre eksposporttsentr - XXI under control of affiliated firm of English company ExpoMediaGroup Plc specially created for this purpose.

At the international investment forum MIPIM - 2008 the project of reconstruction of manor " has been presented; studenets where it is supposed to place banquet rooms, exhibition galleries and small restaurant. The so-called geodetic dome in KVTS " is restored also; Sokolniki destroyed in 1980 - h years.

It is planned to construct trading - expocentre in Nut parkway, and some similar projects will take place in territory Moscow - City . One more exhibition platform can appear around airport Vnukovo. However, while it only in plans of the capital government. A number of civil-engineering designs vystavochno - kongressnyh complexes in territory of Moscow which concern a reconstruction of the project of 1983 " is considered also; the House - a window on Gagarin`s areas, large expocentre in released territory of factory the Sickle and a hammer exhibition areas as a part of the planned multipurpose centre with a hotel complex around platform NATI.