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the Competitive managing director MUP Zelenstroj informs on carrying out 12. 11. 2008. In 12:00 hour. Places. vr. To the address: Ekaterinburg, Frolov`s street, 29, of. 7, - the open auctions in the form of auction with the offer at the price in the open form on sale of property MUP Zelenstroj namely: the equipment in number of 11 units under the list, a property site: Nizhni Tagil, street May Day, 21. The starting price - 9 300 roubles. The deposit - 1 800 roubles. A step of the auctions - 1 000 roubles. A payment for participation in the auctions (compensation of the organizer of the auctions) - 1 000 roubles.

demands acceptance - to the address of tendering from the date of the present publication on 06. 11. 2008. With 10:00 hour. To 17:00 hour. mestn. vr. Incl., here acquaintance with property, etc. data, position about the auctions, the demand form, the contract, avenue preliminary record on bodies Is obligatory. (343 373 - 43 - 86. To participation in the auctions are supposed jur. And fiz. Persons who can be recognised under the legislation of the Russian Federation by the buyers, the paid deposit and a payment for participation in the auctions, the submitted demands under the form of the organizer and documents (notarially certified copies): - for fiz. Persons: the document proving the identity; sv - in about statement on n/ the account; - for jur. Persons: constituent documents; the document on appointment of the head; sv - in about gos. Registration; sv - in EGRJUL; an extract from EGRJUL, sv - in about statement on n/ the account; for all - the payment documents confirming payment of the deposit and a payment for participation in the auctions.

at application with documents applied on it the representative of the applicant shows properly issued power of attorney (from principals - fiz. Persons - notarial).

the Deposit and a payment for participation in the auctions should be listed applicants to 06. 11. 2008 from the settlement account on r/ with MUP Zelenstroj (An INN/ a check point 6668002166/ 666801001) 40702810065520000245 in Open Society Russia - Bank - Ural Mountains Ekaterinburg, to/ with 30101810300000000942, BIK 046551942.

the Demands which have arrived after the expiration of specified term, or presented without the necessary documents specified in the announcement, or issued in the inadequate image, are not accepted.

winners the participants of the auctions who have offered the highest price of acquisition of property in comparison with offers of other participants admit. Summarising and signing of the report occurs to winners in day of the auctions. The conclusion of contracts of purchase and sale within 5 working days from the date of the auctions.

winners of the auctions within 30 calendar days from the date of the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale pay cost behind a minus of the brought deposit. To the participants who have been not recognised as winners, the deposit comes back in the non-cash form within 5 bank days from the date of the auctions. The payment for participation in the auctions to the registered applicants and participants of the auctions does not come back. A way of the notice of participants about results of the auctions: in day of the auctions, publicly.