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The State Duma has increased insurance compensation under contributions to banks

the State Duma of the Russian Federation has passed in the second and third readings the law increasing the size of insurance compensation under contributions of physical persons in banks. Investors can receive now 90 % of the sum of contributions in bank which makes more than 200 thousand rbl., but does not exceed 700 thousand rbl. Deputies consider that acceptance of this bill will raise trust of investors to the Russian banks.
changes are introduced in the law About insurance of contributions of physical persons in banks of the Russian Federation . According to the bill, clients of banks can receive 100 % of the savings if their bank contribution full payment does not exceed 200 thousand rbl. Now extends on contributions in the size no more than 100 thousand rbl.

For the sum more than 200 thousand rbl., but not exceeding 700 thousand rbl., insurance compensation will make 90 %. According to operating edition of the law, compensation under contributions to bank in which relation there has come insured event, is paid to the investor at a rate of 90 % from the sum exceeding 100 thousand of rbl., but in aggregate no more than 400 thousand rbl. the State Duma has rejected the amendment of deputies - the United Russia party members, offering to compensate bank contributions completely without dependence from the contribution sum.

as the first deputy of the chairman of the State Duma Oleg Morozov, " has declared; we raise a lath here this sum which is received by the investor in case of any emergency situation, we give a signal that everything is all right . you can not worry about the contributions. They reliably are protected today - he considers.

the bill on increase in the insurance under contributions has been submitted for consideration in the State Duma on September, 22nd.