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Economists have reviewed plans of Ministry of Economics

At Institute of modern development representatives of the leading independent economic centres have discussed consequences of September financial crisis and the concept of long-term development of the Russian Federation till 2020. The plan - 2020 government plans to accept already on September, 29th. Participants of discussion have come to a conclusion that approval of the document of Ministry of Economics as it stands would be politically naive - September crisis demands its copying.
experts from the leading economic analytical centres, gathered yesterday at Institute of modern development (ISR, the board of guardians heads president Dmitry Medvedev), discussed yesterday consequences of financial crisis behind the closed doors. we have intentionally decided to make discussion not public - the president of Association of the independent analytical centres of the economic analysis Alexander Auzan has explained. Economists have come to a consensus which hardly will please developers of the plan - 2020 of Ministry of Economics. the government has learnt to react operatively hastily, but strategic vision while is not present. The concept of long-term development (KDR) till 2020 is scarified by the majority of participants of meeting. It is not counted taking into account all risks, its acceptance as it stands would be politically naive. Those young men who in 2020 will be high-grade participants of economic life, will accept it with irony - has expressed a general view on KDR chairman ISR Igor Jurgens.

According to the head of a direction of the Center of the macroeconomic analysis and Dmitry Belousova`s short-term forecasting, the obligation, who were incurred by the government in the concept in the form of concrete quantity indicators (see from March, 17th), in the conditions of turbulence it is impossible to accept . Any concrete figures, the vector and the purpose " are necessary only; - the economist has explained. there was a change of scenary character (it is a question of financial crisis. - ) which will change a configuration of world institutes and bases of economic development. KDR it does not consider - Alexander Auzan speaks. And the president of Institute of power and the finance Leonid Grigoriev has noticed that in KDR there is no clearness how the financial system of Russia after crisis will develop.

though as it stands participants of discussion consider acceptance KDR unacceptable, they unanimously said that in the conditions of crisis KDR became even more actual. In Ministry of Economics assumed in August that the co-ordinated document with the plan of its realisation will bring in the government by September, 20th. But under data in the government it still is not present, in spite of the fact that concept discussion is planned for September, 29th. Discussion of a question on decrease in the VAT which was a stumbling-block, at meeting at president Dmitry Medvedev has been transferred for 2009 (see from September, 19th). On the middle of September, according to the director of department of strategic management and budgeting of Ministry of Economics of Oleg Fomitchyov, not co-ordinated there were four key questions KDR (model of pension system, character of a macroeconomic and budgetary policy, questions of regional development) and the plan of action on realisation KDR.

It seems that crisis has forced developers of the concept to concern Alexey Kudrin`s remarks on priorities in maintenance of macroeconomic stability (the Ministry of Economics insists on a priority of innovative economic growth) more attentively: earlier the economists who have gathered in ISR, did not criticise the document of department of Elvira Nabiullina. However, Oleg Fomitchyov declared in September that time for processing of strategy is not present: In governmental body has bothered to discuss strategy, on what already cunningly two years, and the document is time for accepting .