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the Competitive managing director MUP MKP 3 on November, 20th, 2008 at 11 o`clock 00 minutes hold the auctions in the form of open auction on sale of debt receivable MUP MKP 3 :

a prize the Name of the debtor the Sum of a debt receivable (rbl.) the Documents confirming presence and the size of debts the Initial price (rbl.)

1 MUGH Isakogorka 92430138,05 Court order 1/ 043674 from 15. 03. 05 (business 05 - 367/ 05 - 27), the Court order 1/ 049153 from 06. 05. 05 (business 05 - 2254/ 05 - 27), the Court order 1/ 031551 from 08. 12. 04 (business 18014/ 04 - 27) 118000

the Step of the auctions: 50 thousand rbl.

the Deposit: 10 % from the initial price.

an order of registration of participation in the auctions: deposit entering into the account of competitive manufacture not later than two days prior to date of tendering and application.

demands acceptance for participation in the auctions - twenty five days from the date of message publication.

the form of the application form for participation in the auctions - written, with the appendix properly certified copies of constituent documents, the certificate on the state registration, the certificate on statement on the tax account, an extract from EGRJUL, documents persons confirming power signed the demand. For the physical person - the passport.

an application place: Arkhangelsk, street Karelian, d. 37, of. 25.

the Order of acquaintance of participants with a subject of the auctions: from 10:00 to 12:00 hours per the working days in a place of giving of demands.

a venue of the auctions: Arkhangelsk, street Karelian, 37, of. 25.

Criterion of definition of the winner of the auctions: the maximum suggested price.

an imprisonment term of the contract of purchase and sale/ concessions of the rights: not later than 10 days from the date of tendering.

repayment terms: not later than 15 days from the date of the contract conclusion.

transition of the rights: after full payment.

bank details: an INN 2901066177/ 290101001, r/ sch. 40702810200010000324 in Joint-Stock Company Northern clearing chamber Arkhangelsk, BIK 041117309, to/ sch. 30103810400000000309.

the Total elapsed time of acceptance of demands and other documents on participation in the auctions: 16:00 hours on November, 07th, 2008