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Russia ` s Deripaska Faces Western Investigations

the Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska to which business it is necessary now hardly from - for credit crisis, has appeared under a sight of the American and British authorities which have begun investigation in connection with a bank remittance last year for the sum $57,5 million About it have informed the sources familiar with circumstances of business.
mister Deripaska leaves a share in German engineering - building company Hochtief, and it already the second blow on its industrial empire. All one week ago its holding the Base element has lost 20 - a percentage share in the Canadian manufacturer of autocomponents Magna International. And at last one more news: Bush`s administration will study more steadfastly economic interests of Russia, partly as the answer to August intrusion of Russia to Georgia. Among other the USA will strengthen control over the Russian investments and statements on reception of the visas, the submitted Russian businessmen suspected of criminal communications. Magazine Forbes names 40 - summer mister Deripaska one of ten richest people of the world. Its actives make $28 billion Among actives almost five-percentage share holding of corporation of General Motors. Mister Deripaska is on friendly terms with the Kremlin and has old communications with premieres - minister Vladimir Putin. In the past US authorities accused mister Deripaska of communications with the organised crime. He denies it. According to sources in diplomatic circles and law enforcement bodies, of 2006 of FBI has convinced US State department to withdraw the American visa given out to the businessman.

the Russian company " became the remitter, the investigation which have become by a subject in the USA and Great Britain; Rusal which mister Deripaska supervises. Judging by electronic messages, other documents and statements of the people informed on this operation, money has passed through bank Barclays branches in New York and London. As a result the part of means has appeared in Washington at Deripaska`s advisers in which relation, according to lawyers and officials of the government, the Ministry of Justice and district Office of Public Prosecutor of Manhattan in connection with suspicions in money-laundering and other crimes conduct investigation.

this transfer - one of several tens similar which circumstances are now studied. The authorities try to establish, whether there was this transfer by a part of illegal activity in those countries where there are industrial interests of mister Deripaska, including in Nigeria and Kazakhstan. Mister Deripaska has not answered inquiries, including written, about reception of comments concerning investigation, however before it always denied any communications with criminal activity. As show the documents, concerning remittance, the Moscow MDM - bank has translated means through the branch in Latvia in branch Barclays in New York, and then into account Barclays in London. When the representative of management Barclays has asked a question on an origin of these means, to it have given letters of one of heads Rusala in which means as a source, according to the informed persons, firm QPB Investment Ltd is underlined. QPB it is registered in Belize, in the country where rigid laws on safety of a trade secret operate. It was not possible to receive comments QPB. As lawyers have informed, Barclays has transferred the documentation about a remittance to the British authorities and the American federal authorities, and also the staff authorities according to their inquiries. Representative Barclays has refused to specify details of transfers, but has noted: At us programs of observance legislative both statutory acts actively operate, and the policy of our company consists in close cooperation with any investigation or inquiry of law enforcement bodies . A press - the secretary Rusala comments has refused. Means have gone into the account opened addressed to firm Brookrange Ltd registered in Gibraltar. The lawyer of this firm has declared that cannot neither to confirm, nor to deny existence of any business operations .

According to history of business operations and words of people involved in business, in Washington and London with mister Deripaska the group of advisers which helped it to understand investigation and claims concerning its possible communications with the organised crime worked. Among these advisers Alexander Mirtchev and Thomas Ondek from the Washington consulting firm GlobalOptions Management. Concerning them, according to lawyers and government officials, the Ministry of Justice and Office of Public Prosecutor of Manhattan on suspicion in money-laundering conduct investigation. Lawyer GlobalOptions Management has informed that to them did not address neither representatives minjusta, nor Office of Public Prosecutor of Manhattan. Documents show that $9,75 million from the transfer sum send to firm of misters of Mirtcheva and Ondeka. The lawyer of firm has confirmed that the company has rendered services to clients for the $9,75 million sum, and has informed that according to the established practice these services do not contradict the law . Mister Mirtchev has told that it and its partners strictly observe laws and requirements of all countries in which conduct the activity .

Meanwhile officials from Bush`s administration are disturbed by possible penetration of the people suspected of participation in the organised crime and connected with the government of Russia, on the western financial markets and in the company more and more, officials of administration, legislators and law enforcement officers inform. In April the public prosecutor of the USA Michael Mjukejsi has declared, meaning Russia and the countries of Central Asia that growth of influence of representatives of underworld in power and in the market of strategic raw materials destabilising impact on geopolitical interests of the USA " can make;. The USA toughen control of demands for issue of visas from the Russian businessmen suspected of criminal communications. In recently published memorandum of the Ministry of Justice it is said that strategy of this department consists in use The economic, diplomatic and other law enforcement bodies of ways of influence not connected with attraction on (having communications with the organised crime) persons and the organisation, freezing or confiscation of their actives and suppression of possibility of use of the American banks by them, business structures and strategic actives .

the Interdepartmental organisation under the name Committee on foreign investments into the USA (CFIUS) which studies foreign investments about any threat of national safety, has privately added to the arsenal as one official was expressed, the doctrine of steadfast attention to any attempts of Russians to put up money in strategically important branches of the American economy. The Ministry of Finance, State department and National Security council of the USA consider a question on introduction of economic sanctions against using protection of Russia politicians and businessmen who run business in separative enclaves of Georgia, officials from administration inform. Some consider that Washington risks to go too far, if toughening of measures becomes too scale or will seem political motivirovannym. The USA, of course, it is necessary to take adequate measures, if someone will suspect of swindle considers Tobi of the Corduroy road, the senior adviser of legal firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer and Feld, but it is not necessary to be got involved in games in which Russian are stronger than us, for example, to politize issue of visas . Loss by mister Deripaska of actions German engineering - building concern and the Canadian manufacturer of autocomponents shows, how much painfully world financial crisis strikes on well-being of the Russian oligarchs, at least, some of them. The recent collapse in the Russian stock market which has lost 60 % in comparison with peak indicators of current year, was aggravated with a difficult situation of magnates like Deripaska which last years financed purchases, using as maintenance securities. The company of mister Deripaska has declared purchase of 10 % of actions Hochtief by spring of the past year when actions of building concern cost more expensive approximately three times, than now. The holding belonging to mister Deripaska also has 25 % of actions of Austrian building company Strabag. The official informed on a situation has told that Deripaska is not going to leave this active, having declared that at the Base element There are no problems with liquidity .