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Deputies - United Russia party members will be engaged in moving of five-storey apartment blocks
Eagles with Palace have departed in Barnual and Kirovo - Chepetsk
At Mstislava Zapashnogo Deputies have stolen a jeep
have asked Vladimir Putin to secure air flights
Archeological finds Deputies have transferred opening of library of a name of Yeltsin
renovatsija five-storey apartment blocks
- United Russia party members will be engaged in moving of five-storey apartment blocks
Yesterday deputies of ZakSa have selected from the case of representatives in the regional commissions on realisation of the project of moving of five-storey apartment blocks. In Kirovsk, pilot area, such commission is already created, on quarters Country and Uljanka it is supposed to declare the auctions in November (in detail wrote about this territory). In total in the near future 18 commissions - on number of areas will be created, the head of area will be the chairman, also there will enter 10 more person - representatives of local regional departments: Housing, managements of state property, on building, land tenure, and also deputies of municipal councils. Representatives will be invited to commission sessions from proprietors or employers of taken down houses also. The majority of the members of the commissions selected yesterday - deputies - United Russia party members. In particular, Igor Rimmer became a member of the commissions at once in three areas. The regional commissions have administrative functions: spend informing of the population on an order of a housebreaking and resettlement of inhabitants, solve questions at issue. Konstantin Andrians

Eagles with Palace have departed in Barnual and Kirovo - Chepetsk
the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Central area of St.-Petersburg has directed to world court of area criminal case upon theft of decorative elements in the form of eagles from the Aleksandrovsky column located on Palace Square. As already wrote, disappearance Guards small eagles It was revealed in the spring of this year after the skating rink dismantle company Bosco di Ciliegi was which organizer. The head of committee of the state control, use and protection of monuments of Smolnogo Dementyev`s personally proinspecting a place of state of emergency Belief, has counted about 36 saw cuts. It was found out that from 107 eagles does not suffice 28. However the museum of a city sculpture on which balance the monument is registered, in November, 2007 has fixed absence on a column only 15 eagles. Charge in theft of eagles is shown two tourists, Andrey Erginu and Alexander Suhodoevu who live in Barnaul and Kirovo - Chepetsk. Both recognised the fault in act incriminated to it. They have explained the act desire to leave to themselves from the Aleksandrovsky column something for memory of St.-Petersburg. Cost of one eagle, according to Office of Public Prosecutor, makes about 40 thousand roubles. Dmitry Marakulin

At Mstislava Zapashnogo unknown malefactors have stolen a jeep
In St.-Petersburg have stolen the off-road car of Toyota Land Cruiser 100 belonging to known circus performer Mstislavu Zapashnomu. As have told in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region, on September, 22nd nearby 17. 30 car has been left on parking near the house 6 on Engineering street (in this building there is a hotel for circus performers). However in the morning of next day, nearby 10. 00 when the car was necessary for the actor, it was found out that on parking it is not present. Mister Zapashnyj has addressed with the statement for car stealing in militia. City mass-media inform that there is an eyewitness of this incident who saw the criminals who opened an off-road car on the night of September, 23rd and have stolen it. Victor Sborov

state regulation
Deputies have asked Vladimir Putin to secure air flights
At the session which has taken place yesterday of Legislative Assembly of St.-Petersburg deputies in the second reading have accepted the decision about the reference to the prime minister - to the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin about a problem of safety of aviatransportations. In connection with plane wreck the Boeing - 737 in Perm party fraction Fair Russia the prime minister has offered - to the minister legislatively to forbid the Russian airlines to get planes with the settled guaranteed life, to differentiate the prices for air tickets depending on term of operation of the aircraft, and also to oblige airlines to give to consumers the information on year of release of the aircraft given for flight, the made repairs and a warranty period . Present at session of Legislative Assembly the speaker of Council of federation Sergey Mironov has supported the initiative of members of parliament. As he said, today airlines use beushnye planes, without warning passengers about their age . Air carriers prefer to get 10 - 15 - summer ` the Boeing ` instead of buying the new plane of a domestic production - the senator has declared. Arguing on a theme, whether updating of plane park will lead to rise in price of cost of flight, Sergey Mironov has declared that today there are ideas about creation of national structure which will take over the control of all leasing, including transport . In the near future, according to the speaker, federation Council will spend the governmental hour with participation of the minister of transport of the Russian Federation Igor Levitina in which course the question on an air transportation condition will be discussed. Evgenie Pastuhova

Archeological finds have transferred opening of library of a name of Yeltsin
Opening of Presidential library of a name of Boris Yeltsin in Petersburg is transferred for some months, Vladimir Kozhin has informed journalists operating affairs of the president of the Russian Federation. as to Synod buildings in which the Presidential library then there were some changes which are connected with archeological finds in a complex court yard will take place. We have given to experts easy with them to work, and consequently term of delivery of object has been corrected for three months: instead of December, 2008 it will be handed over in March, 2009 - Vladimir Kozhin has told. As he said, after delivery starting-up and adjustment works for full functioning of a complex will begin, and in May solemn opening of library " will take place;. Interfax