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Salmanu Rushdies have again given the award

the Award

to Salman Rushdie, the British writer of the Indian origin, has received from University college in Dublin, the largest high school of Ireland, the award of a name of James Joyce, informs BBC News. The author Devilish verses and Children of midnight has told that the founder Ulissa has affected it more than any other writer.

in the summer of this year Salman Rushdie, the winner of many literary awards, has received an honourable award Buker Bukerov as the author of the best novel, when - or receiving British Bukera . The award of a name of Joyce in previous years was received by writers Bill Brajson and other celebrities. Lenta. ru

Kandinsky`s Award will show the nominees
nominees of the award of Kandinsky - the most monetary in Russia awards in the field of the modern art, founded in 2007 cultural fund " Are declared; The art chronicle in cooperation with Dojche Bank. This year the award will be handed over the second time. The exhibition of nominees will open on November, 6th in TSDH - this year it will be even more scale, than in the past when works of applicants for the award hardly - hardly could take place in one of the most spacious shops of Winery. As well as one year ago, the award will be handed over in three nominations. Among applicants for the main prize - the Project of year (40 000 euros) appear Victor Alimpiev, for the accountable period noted scale, especially for the young author, personalkoj in fund Ekaterina Dmitry Vrubel and Victoria Timofeeva with the Evangelical project in which citations from the Writing have been correlated with photos of newspaper leading articles, heroes of the main things art - scandals of last time Dark blue noses (last year the ceremonies which were leaders of rewarding Kandinsky ) Deserved sotsartist Boris Orlov remembered by a grandiose retrospective show in the Moscow museum of the modern art, Ajdan Salahova, Dmitry Gutov, Sergey Chilikov, Sergey Shehovtsev, Diana Machulina, and also some characters much less known to public, whose presence will provide a necessary intrigue.

in long - nomination sheet the Young artist (the winner to whom under regulations should be less than 30 years, award creative business trip) left among other krasnodartsy Andrey Blohin and George Kuznetsov, remembered by impressing debut exhibition in TSSI Mars and also Anna Zhelud who has already received in a similar category the award the Innovation . And in a category the Media project (10 000 euros) will be presented groups Dark blue soup PG and provmyza Vladimir Logutov, Anton Litvin, and also mysterious, not opening participants art - formation Tanatos Banionis whose products were remembered on the gallery stand Triumph on Art - Moscow. Irina Kulik

the Project
Persistent the Fortress
In Peter Netreby`s published in " article; the Businessman on October, 6th, it was said that director Pavel Chuhraj continues to remove Russian - the Belarus film epopee without visible problems . It was a question of widely announced project the Brest fortress . Alas, problems accompany Pavel Chuhraja in this connection the project for a long time already: to begin that the known director in any way is not involved in it. However printing mass-media and the Internet continue to confirm the return. And in one of publications it was said even that mister Chuhraj has been appointed to this project, and then displaced, as producers have preferred the American director. We hope that the letter received by edition from Pavel Chuhraja where, in particular, it is said that, probably, it is the remarkable, important and expensive project, but I to it have no relation will put an end in this history. Andrey Plahov

the Prime minister
Oliver Stone has removed the president
three weeks prior to presidential election in the USA the premiere of a new film Olivera Stone devoted to present president Shtatov George Bush - younger will take place. The director believes that on the eve of elections to Americans not bad to understand with board of the leaving president correctly to choose the new. A film W not Olivera Stone`s first film the US president becomes which hero. The director who was occupied always with a problem of the power and those who is allocated by her, whether it be fate - a star Jim Morrison, the legendary master of the past Alexander the Great or the Cuban leader Fidel Castro about whom he has removed a documentary film, also has shot pictures Nixon and JFK devoted to secret of murder Kennedy. George Bush`s which has been removed by the director the biography, on the political views obviously not being supporter of a policy of the present US president, promises to be half satire, but half all - taki a drama. A choice for a leading role of Dzhosha Brolina remembered in a film of brothers Cohen to Old men here not a place forces to assume that George Bush - younger will not look absolutely karikaturno. However, the actor admits that has first refused the offer of the director: the fact that Oliver Stone has seen something the general between it and the president Bush, has seemed to it offensive. The director says that into its intentions does not enter to condemn George Bush and its administration, they and already all have told about themselves . IRINA - KULIK