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Rubble does not happen

On a joint of Toguchinsky and Iskitimsky areas of the Novosibirsk region is planned to create a number of manufactures of building materials with total amount of investments 3,3 mlrd rbl. the First of the realised projects there is a working out of the Koensky deposit of building stones much - since 2009 will be issued here on 1 million t kubovidnogo rubble in a year with prospect of escalating of capacity to 4 million t. Local manufacturers and analysts consider that today the market of this material is balanced also this balance can be broken the new project from what all players will lose. But builders still felt recently an acute shortage of inert materials. Yesterday „“ details of projects on creation of the enterprises of building materials on a joint of Toguchinsky and Iskitimsky areas of the Novosibirsk region became known. “ Actually it is a question of complex development of extensive territory round settlement Medicinal nearby to which the Koensky deposit with the area of mountain tap of 180 hectares " is located; - the chairman of board of directors of the Siberian interbank currency stock exchange (SMVB) Alexander Lubenets who as a part of group of the Siberian investors undertook realisation of projects has informed. Here manufacture of elements for low housing construction on the basis of wooden, and in the long term - metal skeletons is adjusted. Besides, it is planned to construct factory on thermal protection manufacture, and also to adjust release of modern finishing stones. “ business - plans of these projects are still studied, therefore their concrete parametres to name premature “ - the top - manager SMVB has made a reservation.
the Most real and the project on working out of the Koensky deposit of building stones with stocks more than 50 million cubic became scale M (or about 150 million) and to building shchebenochnogo factory in Toguchinsky area annual capacity over 1 million t kubovidnogo rubble. According to regional department of natural resources and preservation of the environment, stones of this deposit concern a category high-quality with the minimum quantity of harmful impurity, with almost zero radio-activity, therefore its application in building or manufacture of building materials, for example thermal protections, not ogranichenno.
According to Alexander Lubentsa, in this project some hundreds millions roubles are already enclosed: “ Only cost of building of an open-cast mine and factory, equipment by their import modern technics and the equipment have exceeded $20 million Besides, is laid about 14 km of highways, the necessary infrastructure is generated, conditions for workers whom there there will be 250 persons " are created;. He has informed that has now begun obkatka the equipment. “ Analogues of our production in region will not be, therefore we do not see serious obstacles on a way of its realisation “ - mister Lubenets has declared, having expressed hope that the basic consumer of rubble will be, most likely, “ dynamically developing “ road branch of area. Extraction of a building stone will carry out Open Company “ Investment groups - Iskitim “ processing - Open Company “ Investment groups - Toguchin “ realisation will be engaged in Open Company “ the Trading house „Koensky rubble“ “. “ If market condition allows, is planned to construct more powerful open-cast mine in the long term to develop capacities on rubble for 3 million t and to send production already for area limits, including on the north of the Tyumen region “ - Alexander Lubenets has added.
Some local manufacturers and analysts consider that today in the market overproduction of rubble and occurrence of one more player only is felt will more strongly debalance the market. “ I do not understand, what for to our market of 1 million more t rubble, at that as present capacities of manufacturers nedogruzheny “ - the general director of Open Society " has expressed bewilderment; the Stone open-cast mine “ Sergey Krasjuk. Thus he has added that its enterprise “ bears plans on escalating of capacity from 5 million to 7 million t, but yet does not see necessity them to realise “. This opinion divides and the operating partner of company DSO Consulting Sergey Djachkov. Referring to the given regional administrations, he has informed that “ if in 2007 the requirement of area for this building material and its manufacture were approximately at 10 million level t during the current year demand remains at the same level, and here manufacture will grow on 2 million t “. Therefore, the analyst, " considers; to the new player it will be developed difficult, times of recovery of outlay of its project can exceed 10 years, it should wage price war, and, thus, profits will lose all “.
However, builders and the authorities prior to the beginning of recession in branch held other opinion. In June, 2008 session of the City Council of Novosibirsk has made the decision on creation of working group on stabilisation of the prices for building materials. Deputies motivated the decision with that since November, 2006 cement and sand have risen in price almost for 500 %, rubble and metal - approximately on 300 %, and “ 25 - 30 - percentage growth of cost of habitation is connected with a rise in prices for inert materials - cement, sand, rubble “.
the First stage shchebenochnogo factory will be deduced on designed capacity from the beginning of the next year.
Yury Belov, Novosibirsk