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The rights of the child

Without the permit — in life
  the Rights of the child

Without the permit - in life

Defencelessness of the child excites first of all his parents. Though they frequently also are infringers of its rights. If in the West on the guard of children - the law and court the Russian authorities not in a condition to provide protection even constitutional laws of children. Annually in Russia, without knowing other way to escape, almost 100 thousand children run from the house. And the new bill About the basic guarantees of the rights of the child will change nothing.

the Bill prepares committee of the State Duma on affairs of women, a family and youth. The committee has already become famous for bill preparation, as a matter of fact, depriving children of possibility to be the adopted foreigners (in detail told about its possible tragical consequences for children who are brought up in children`s homes). And its new invention of children in any way will not protect. For the rights of the child deputies do not conduct real struggle.
the document repeats for a long time known postulates that the child has the right to formation and health services, about the same as these rights will be protected, he holds back. But contains thoughtful sayings like the state recognises the childhood as an important stage in human life necessity of pedagogical and sanitary examination of toys .
Deputies, probably, do not know that in Russia, by data politiko - the advisory council at the president, about two millions homeless children. And children at us have not legal proceedings with parents, and simply leave the house. Our poll of the Moscow bodies of guardianship and guardianship has shown that for all history there was no case of excitation of actions of proceeding at the initiative of minors - in spite of the fact that, according to the employee of body of guardianship and guardianship of Running municipality of Moscow Vagrana Zhankochana, its working day practically is entirely filled by check of statements for cruel treatment of children. Children that someone will protect them, do not trust.
in civilised countries to which number so Russia aspires to get, the rights of children - one of the basic state priorities. And at all in words. So, in Australia in 1991 18 - summer Nicole Lynch has seized at the mother of $2,2 million for cranial - the brain trauma put to it still in a womb. As a result of long-term litigation the girl managed to prove that the road accident which has become by the reason of its mutilation, has occurred because of mother.
or, for example, last year in New York passers-by have caused police, having found out in the street a carriage with 14 - the monthly kid. On charge in the scornful relation to the child his mother, the Danish actress Annet Sorensen, have been sent from the country. Concerning her husband - the American business is not stopped till now. And parents of all - that have come into cafe to drink on a cup of coffee.
similar examples set. Under article the scornful relation to the child almost each parent in the West can get. And in the USA, Great Britain, Australia and many other countries to the parents who have left without supervision of the child till 14 years, deprivation of the parental rights threatens almost. The same involves also physical punishment of children in the majority of countries of Northern Europe.
In Russia the legislation as gives to the child possibility to be protected in court. According to the family code, he can independently address in court on reaching 14 years. And if to this child have not protected guardianship bodies, to defend the rights to it it is necessary most. The new law will not help it.