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Motor show

the Field — the car of the Swiss teenagers
  the Motor show

the Field - the car of the Swiss teenagers

In streets of Geneva to meet an elephant, than production the Autovase easier. Nevertheless on opened yesterday 68 - m the Geneva motor show in an environment Rolls - Royces Bentley and Maserati flaunt Russian tens and Fields . What for the company selling in Switzerland scanty quantity of cars to spend means for participation in Geneva Motor Show, to the correspondent VSEVOLODU - REBROV was explained by the director of company Lada (Suisse) S. A. VLADIMIR of the GRAY-HAIRED.

Lada (Suisse) S. A. - the official supplier of production the Autovase in Switzerland. On 50 % belongs German Eurolada - the affiliated marketing company the Autovase. Offered Lada (Suisse) S. A. vazovskie cars have training preselling preparation in Germany and Finland.

- the Swiss, say, on to the nine - such it is difficult to present to itself. Whether it is necessary to try to sell vazovskie cars in one of the richest countries of the world?
- I here work six years and I can tell to you: Switzerland really very complex country for us. We sell here nearby 250 - 300 cars in a year, thus trade Frets does not give many money. But I consider that it is necessary to work on prospect, let on very far. Us ask: Why the firm which, maybe, has no profit, continues to exist? We answer: First of all because here there is a Geneva motor show . Thanks to it we show to the whole world that the factory of Autovases exists, it has not decayed, works over new production. We show that the Russian cars in any degree are competitive.
with it to us helps Eurolada, without it we would not pull the Geneva motor show: on it leaves approximately 250 thousand Swiss francs (about $167 thousand.-).
- what it is concrete vazovskie models are on sale in Switzerland better?
- first of all leave Fields . Tens we on a motor show have exposed, but we are not going to sell. At the present price it nobody takes. Swisses expected that it will cost where - that around 11 thousand francs, as the nine and we offer it for 15 350 francs ($10 230.-). Lada Samara Baltic (collected in Finland the nine . -) cost of $8690 last year have sold only 20 pieces, the principal cause - in it is not present the hydraulic booster. When in this car any young secretary sits down, she says that all is class and healthy. But then starts to park and cries that at me supposedly forces are not present such to twist a wheel. Perhaps speaks, at you the girl strong.
at farmers who take Fields such problems are not present. These cars not only farmers buy. We, for example, have signed the contract with the Swiss association of hunters and we sell it. We do from Fields the so-called limited model with the maximum speed in 30 - 40 km. Under the Swiss laws the person in 15 years can go by the car only with a speed of 30 km/ ch, and from 16 years to 18 - 40 km/ ch. Considering that the average salary at Swisses - one of the highest in the world, parents can present to the child this car (Niva 1,7i in a variant 30/ 40 costs $13 990.-).
There are also other thoughts on sale. Such cars as at us, is not present in Moscow. Here I also try to make now so that our tourists came here, looked at Switzerland and left by new cars, our cars. And at last, we do diplomatic discounts - 8 - 10 %.
- Than Swisses when get " are guided; the Field ?
- At us the cheapest car. We take the same Suzuki, we involuntarily compete to them (in 1997 Siziki has sold in Switzerland about 3700 cars.-). Japanese speak to us: At us the car costs 23 900 francs ($15 930.-), but it is stuffed by every possible delights of type of the central key, servo-drivers and etc. . Yes, at us it is not present. But our car costs 16 900 francs. The Swiss receiving 5000 francs a month who loves mountains, presumes to itself our car as the second car in a family. And the saved means to spend for any entertainments.
Here we from this also proceed. As the economy of Switzerland has gone on recession, it to us on a hand: people start to count money. Me always ask: Vladimir, well why you sell cars at the dumping prices? what dumping? This year there was a question on firm closing because many firms, such as Hyundai, Daewoo, have made such cars to which we cannot compete. But administrative council of our firm has decided that it is necessary to reduce the prices. Now our cars stand on the average on 1,5 thousand francs less, than last year.
- whether, the Swisses who are not fond of hunting and walks in mountains know about existence Fields ? Whether you give advertising in a local press?
- firms which sell much, have many money for advertising. We cannot allow ourselves of it as our firm exists at the expense of that money which we in it have enclosed, instead of for the account the Autovase. We have allocated 70 thousand francs for advertising in a year. It is not enough, but on announcements in magazines the Country economy the Hunter and the Fisher suffices.
- what for to bear on itself all loading on advancement of production the Autovase in Switzerland? Whether you tried to get support, including advertising, from the Autovase?
- I really asked Autovases: Support us on the Geneva motor show . And to me speak: What for it is necessary to us? the matter is that that old formation of people, they frequently do not understand many questions. At us never was a competition, but they do not understand that the situation has changed. They sit and hope that any uncle will come and will help. Will not come.
it seems on two steps forward and to go on the western markets. They speak: the car in Europe " will not go;. Yes will go! If people are normal, all at them will go. And here at you will not go! But when I speak: Children, to you it will be bad, already FIAT is going to do 150 thousand cars in Russia they wave away from me. It is necessary to itself to give the report that all children on the Autovase have affiliated companies on sale of cars in which children work, and etc. They earn money there, instead of here.
I at all do not know after all about many things occurring at factory. Here has arrived on a motor show delegation the Autovase, has brought . But they at all did not know that there article about to Oka - elektro . I have opened the newspaper and I speak: Children, just such car is necessary to me . Yes, it expensive, but Switzerland is shifted on ecology, and Oka - elektro will go here. I speak: you to me give this car . And they ask: Whence you know about it? that is on an autovase something do, something cooks at them, and that - nobody knows. It means that the factory as a whole is not interested in the western market.
- As assume to live further?
- I lately ask all a question: if Opel crushes under itself of Autovases (the joint venture Opel - VAZ it will be already created this year, see the inquiry.-), through what dealer network he will sell the production? Perhaps Lada (Suisse) at all it is not required to it.