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The airport

the Airports will divide the sky
  the Airport

the Airports will divide the sky

Domodedovo masters international transportation
the Sheremetyevo Airports - 2 and Domodedovo have begun struggle for the one who them them becomes the main air collars of the country. In favour of the Sheremetyevo - the developed image and prospect to receive the influential owner in the name of the Moscow mayor. Domodedovo hopes for modernisation and expansion which is begun already today.

Struggle for leadership on the international aviatransportations between Domodedovo - 2 (so the international part of the airport of Domodedovo is called) and the Sheremetyevo - 2 has begun some years ago. Already now Domodedovo is in the lead on volume of freight traffic - 45 % of a goods traffic of the Moscow aviaknot. Repair take-off - a landing strip becomes a following stage of competitive struggle, purchase of the navigating equipment, building of the international passenger terminal, air terminal, hotel, parking places and etc. the Minister of foreign economic relations of administration of Moscow Region Nikolay Svistunov considers that investments in development of an infrastructure of Domodedovo will make Authorities of Moscow area about $1 billion have not refused also idea of creation of a free economic zone in the territory adjoining to the airport, - negotiations are now carried on for it with investors.
the nearest plans of shareholders include building of the international passenger terminal which will relieve transients of necessity to reach from Domodedovo in the Sheremetyevo - 2, whence on - former the majority of the international passenger flights takes off. One of these days results of the tender for its designing and building became known. Has won its consortium which structure includes German companies Hochtief, Lahmeyer International, ABB and the Russian firms the Hyprogame and the Aeroproject .
the Terminal is supposed to be built by a modular principle, gradually increasing its throughput: from 1,5 to 2,5 million passengers a year. A total cost of the project - $250 million are now specified details of building of the first stage of the terminal (the area - 20 thousand in sq. m; cost - $75 million) also are carried on negotiations with investors. The first stage should be finished in December, 1999. As Sergey Budylin has informed, the project head of building of the terminal, expenses will divide among themselves East Line and the European bank of reconstruction and development. On what conditions of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank will take part in the project - as the creditor or as the shareholder, it will be known in June. However preparation for building is already begun. Therefore it is not excluded that to the beginning of a next century of Domodedovo - 2 will catch up on volume of transportations of the Sheremetyevo.