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The main sports events of year

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  the Main sports events of year
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Launch of year
As - that in February we were engaged in another`s work - have begun to consider the future ratings of leading tennis-players. Have counted up - and in result have believed hardly. Left that on March, 31st Hingis, anyway - she will play or not, becomes the first! However figures confirmed precisely: in a month there will be what in the history of tennis was never, - on the higher step will rise 16 - the summer girl... has informed on it on February, 26th. The first in Russia.
Hingis waited a brilliant season - three victories on Grand Slam tournaments. Russia has achieved in female tennis of the biggest success for 23 years - Anna Kurnikova, to it now too 16, left in a semi-final of Wimbledon. Experts of the whole world in eager rivalry assert that Hingis and Kurnikova, and also 17 - summer Vinus Williams and 16 - summer Mirjana Ljuchich will dominate in female tennis as early as years ten.