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Interview to Resin about Harward

Mortgage loans become accessible to all
  Interview to Resin about Harward

Mortgage loans become accessible to all

On Wednesday from Boston the delegation of the Moscow government to which managed to agree with the largest financial structures of the USA about investments into the Moscow program of mortgage lending has returned. As we already told, within the limits of this program it is supposed to give out mortgage loans for the term of 20 - 25 years under extremely low rate - 2 - 5 % annual.
after returning from Boston the first vitse - the prime minister of the Moscow government Vladimir Resin has given interview to the correspondent the Businessman to EVGENIE - to LEONOV.

- When the mortgage lending program will start to work?
- the Program will be developed by means of experts of the Harward university within three months. Granting of apartments under the mortgage scheme is real will begin already in the middle of 1998.
- under this scheme it will be possible to get any apartment?
- credits will be given only for purchase of apartments in areas of new building, and receive them all interested persons, irrespective of a social status and living conditions can.
- and the residence permit will play a role?
- legislatively this question is not fixed yet, but I think that as the mortgage lending program has the status federal also credits all Russians can receive, wishing to buy apartment in Moscow.
- whether further the mortgage lending program will be integrated with the program of subsidising of Muscovites?
- is not present. Mortgage lending - for everything, and a grant - only for persons included in a waiting list on free habitation.
- why to Boston there went representatives Bank of Moscow and Mosstrojekonombanka which are considered as banks of the Moscow government, and representatives of commercial banks - leaders of mortgage business in Russia, for example, bank SBS - Agro have not accepted in it participation?
- in - the first, a condition of granting of credits our banks - over 20 % annual - a mortgage to name difficult. And in - the second, the way on a forum has been opened for all. Simply these have gone, and others - are not present. But I think that when business will reach the concrete decisions, many banks will be connected to mortgage lending process.
- in the Summer the chief of department of off-budget planning Leonid Krasnjansky, your assistant, promised that till the end of 1997 mortgage experiment in which course of 300 Muscovites can get by means of the Moscow government apartments on credit will be made. What destiny of this experiment?
- experiment have decided to postpone, as the question on a mortgage is put now more widely. Besides, at federal level the new structure - mortgage lending agency is created. Its branch will be and in Moscow. The question on the one who will head this structure is now solved. Also the special commission which is engaged in preparation of standard base for mortgage lending is appointed.
- as you consider, whether costs to people who want to get apartments, to wait some months prior to the beginning of mortgage lending?
- that who can buy apartment at once, the mortgage is not necessary. And here those who cannot improve at once the living conditions, certainly, should wait, instead of to buy apartment on the instalment plan on current conditions.