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Sleeping accounts

Scandal with sleeping accounts extends
  Sleeping accounts

Scandal with sleeping accounts extends

the Next victim - Sweden
continues to acquaint readers with development of scandal with not claimed with the end of World War II accounts in the European banks. This time such accounts have been published in Sweden. The Swedish governmental commission has found out 7 million crones ($880 thousand) Jewelry and other valuable subjects on 649 bank accounts and in depositary safes. Among owners of accounts there are also Russian citizens.

last operations under these accounts were made not later than 1945. As it has been declared on the Swedish TV, the majority of owners, most likely, have died in concentration camps. Many owners of accounts were citizens of the Baltic republics (68 Estonians, 48 Latvians and 1 Lithuanian), some were Swedes. The Swedish authorities do not deny possibility that among these accounts, is similar to how it was in Switzerland, there can be accounts of nazi criminals.
to to a find the Commission on the Jewish actives has immediately shown interest. One of committee-men of Lennart Kanter has told in interview to the Swedish TV: We should investigate each possibility of detection of the Jewish actives. Also it is one of them .
the Swedish banks Forenings Sparbanken, Handelsbanken, Nordbanken, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB), Ostgota Enskilda Bank and Central Bank (Riksbank), having accepted, obviously, in attention all details of the Swiss scandal, have decided to promote completely to process of returning of accounts to possible owners. Therefore the quantity of the found accounts much more exceeds the figure received as a result of similar investigation, spent in 1960 - h.

the Persons considering that can apply for individual accounts (including successors), can address in banks by the following phones (an exit to Sweden - 8 - hooter - 10 - 8):
Forenings Sparbanken: 782 - 34 - 09 (Mari Bergkvist Is white);
Handelsbanken: 701 - 13 - 01 (Robert Vikstrem);
Nordbanken: 614 - 87 - 68 (Roj Johansson);
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB): 763 - 83 - 22 (Jan Dallin);
Ostgota Enskilda Bank: 796 - 05 - 38 (Arne Peterson);
Riksbank: 787 - 01 - 00 (information secretary).
On the general questions it is possible to address in the Commission on the Jewish actives: 405 - 37 - 97/ 68.
Users of network Internet can find the information to the address: http:// www. ud. se.

the commission which is engaged in present investigation, has been created according to the decision of the government of Sweden in more details to familiarise, as affairs with " are; sleeping accounts in the Swedish banks, in particular in Central Bank. In the end of the last year the commission has published some results of investigation proving that Sweden bought gold from nazis, despite suspicions in it Jewish an origin. However investigation has shown that Sweden also got the gold melted approximately at the same time, at the Netherlands. So to track a way when - that of gold belonging to Jews it is not obviously possible.