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The Duma divides packages

the Duma has begun package repartition precisely in time
  the Duma divides packages

the Duma has begun package repartition precisely in time

Though and against the will
Yesterday Gennady Seleznev declared that the Duma will discuss the new package agreement in March. Leaders of fractions were ready to postpone discussion without day, but scandal in committee on affairs of the CIS has accelerated events.

the package agreement traditionally consists leaders of all deputy associations before the beginning of work of the State Duma of new convocation. All appointments from the speaker to assistants to chairmen of committees are co-ordinated in a narrow circle of leaders of fractions and groups and the general list brings for discussion chambers. The agreement in force has been concluded in January, 1996 for a period of two years.

deputies should reconsider the package agreement in January, however leaders of fractions have decided to postpone discussion of this question before definitive acceptance of the budget (see from January, 15th). The budget has been accepted on Wednesday, however yesterday leaders of fractions were not going to declare the beginning has undressed posts. a package it was not ready yet.
the Duma management did not manage to find the scheme of distribution of posts which would suit all fractions. We will remind that at meeting two months ago it has been decided that committees, dropped out from the package agreement, should be returned fractions to which belonged earlier. It was a question, first of all, of the committee lost by NDR on defence and left of under control the Apple budgetary committee. Were zadornovsky the committee also became the reason of difficulties of leaders of fractions.
after Michael Zadornov has passed to work in the government, its duties were executed by Alexander Zhukov ( the Russian regions ) . For three months of work Zhukov has won a favour of deputies, and now its appointment to the post of the chairman of committee would arrange in the Duma practically all. However to keep this post for Zhukov it is difficult at least because the Apple has refused to give committee on the budget gratuitously. Offer Grigory Javlinsky`s supporters an equivalent exchange any of fractions could not.
the problem could be solved, if Zhukov has entered in the Apple or to NDR and already after that has been presented on a post of the chairman of committee. On the information, corresponding offers to Zhukov arrived, however it has refused also Javlinsky, and to Shokhin. Leaders of fractions considered also a variant of division of budgetary committee at which its one part would remain for Zhukov, and the second would be given or to the Apple or NDR. Against it the government has resolutely acted.
One of active participants of interfractional negotiations has informed that leaders of fractions were ready to postpone the decision of a question on budgetary committee and the new package agreement without day. Cards quarrel of the chairman of committee on affairs of the CIS has confused George Tikhonov ( Democracy ) With vitse - the speaker Svetlana Gorjachevoj (Communist Party of the Russian Federation). The first collision between them has occurred at the hearings devoted to ratification Russian - the Ukrainian contract (have squabbled from - for the Ukrainian delegations: Tikhonov has suggested it to expel, and Gorjacheva has stood up). Yesterday at session of Duma council the conflict has received continuation. Almost all witnesses recognised that uglier scene on councils did not happen yet usually reserved Seleznev has been compelled to recognise that has occurred skirmish .
Enraged Gorjacheva, leaving a boardroom, has declared that will insist on George Tikhonov`s displacement from a post. The Duma management has been compelled to declare the beginning of revision of the package agreement a change card in which becomes now and committee on the CIS.
sources assure of the Duma that the decision under the package agreement will be found within two weeks. However, anybody from leaders of fractions in it does not trust.