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Business of the officer

the Officer has killed the soldier for a collar
  Business of the officer

the Officer has killed the soldier for a collar

the Military court of the Birobidzhan garrison has pronounced a sentence to the senior lieutenant of armed forces Valery Logunov who in the spring of last year in barracks of the part fist blow has killed the soldier. Actions of the officer have been qualified as excess of powers and murder on imprudence. For it it should spend seven years to high security colonies.

In day when there was a murder, private soldier Sergey Mantulenko has decided to sew a fresh undercollar on the soldier`s blouse. But a pure fabric at it was not. Then, as more than once happened, it has torn off a piece from a bed-sheet. Found it behind this employment the commander of a company Valery Logunov a fist has struck the soldier in the person. That has fallen, rasshib a head about a floor and has died.
in court the officer referred that has struck the soldier in an affect condition. The matter is that earlier in this part time and again there were dismantlings from - behind a fragmentary bed-sheet.
however parents killed (by the way, it there was their unique son) consider that beating was not casual. According to them, Logunov and was flippant with hands earlier and had a reputation for the rigid commander. Besides, it was fond of boxing and had well put blow.
as Nikolay Sharikalo has informed the correspondent fulfilling duties of the military public prosecutor of the Birobidzhan garrison, the state accuser demanded for Logunov nine years of imprisonment. But the court has considered excellent characteristics accused, given out to it part command, and has given to the officer only seven years of camps.
it is interesting that approximately for a week prior to the beginning of process over Logunov agency Interfax - Eurasia has told the message that the officer already is ostensibly condemned and for seven years of imprisonment. Thus the correspondent of agency referred to the high-ranking lawyer from structures of Far East military district which includes also military unit in village Babstovo where Logunov served.
on a court verdict, Logunov also is deprived an officer rank and within three years after clearing cannot hold supervising posts in public service. The sentence, truth, not definitive and, most likely, will be appealed against both the defendant, and parents of the lost soldier.
Making comments on results of this process, the chairman of Committee of soldier`s mothers Jewish Valentine Bychkova`s joint-stock company has noticed that cases of beating by officers of soldiers not a rarity in the military units located in territory of an autonomy, though such heavy consequences as with Mantulenko, during the last years it was not fixed. As she said, some officers, probably considering a bitter experience of the colleague, already began to charge ekzekutsii to sergeants. In particular, with such complaint it is literally one of these days in Committee of soldier`s mothers the father of one of soldiers has addressed. He has told that his son was beaten by the sergeant who was asked about it by the officer.