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Yury Luzhkov is ready to struggle for a presidential armchair

Yury Luzhkov is ready to struggle for a presidential armchair

Yesterday the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov has not rejected for the first time possibility of the participation in presidential election. Answering a traditional question on plans for 2000, he has declared: I can that in 2000 I will stand on a post of the mayor " is exact tell only;.

Luzhkov is counted among candidates for presidents by last two years, however till yesterday it always denied possibility of the promotion. Moreover, when in August of last year vitse - mayor Valery Shantsev only has assumed that its chief can participate in presidential election, Luzhkov has immediately refuted this statement.
it is quite probable that the persistent unwillingness of the Moscow mayor to recognise that it can become one of candidates on presidential election, has been caused by fear that its opponents at federal level, and first of all Anatoly Chubays, will manage to use it for opposition to its Boris Yeltsin. Chubays`s easing, probably, has allowed Luzhkov to sigh more freely. On yesterday`s a press - conferences it has proclaimed a monetarism epoch in Russia finished and about Chubays spoke only in past tense.
it is rather indicative that a day before a press - conferences under control to the mayor TV - the Center For the first time has announced a rating of possible candidates in presidents, having included there and the cartridge which, judging by this poll, takes the second place after Zyuganov.
yesterday Luzhkov not only has given new food for hearings about its presidential ambitions, but also has in brief stated the electoral programme. The mayor has declared adherence by a socialism with the democratic person to the adjustable market and to management of tendencies, instead of events .
In connection with Luzhkov`s draught for a socialism the new enemy - Boris Berezovsky who, as it is known, also has proclaimed itself a socialist was defined also. Probably preparing for the future collisions, the mayor has accused Berezovsky that that, in - the first, was the user of criminal privatisation on Chubays and in - the second, has entered censorship on ORT not to admit Luzhkov on the national channel.
however, eks - the assistant to secretary SB competes to Luzhkov not so much in struggle for National love how many in attraction on the party of already existing party structures. If with new socialists Yury Petrov at Luzhkov, by its own words, mutual sympathy for Rybkin`s socialists still it is necessary to be overcome.
except socialists in a today`s political deal Luzhkov counts on cooperation with the Apple which he named yesterday most nice of all political movements. The mayor has cleared a situation and with other possible allies. If the general the Swan has been named almost by the traitor the position of other general - heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anatoly Kulikova - has found complete support at Luzhkov, at least in how to build relations with the Chechen Republic...
actually having declared yesterday the introduction into pre-election struggle, Luzhkov, it is visible owing to care inherent in it, nevertheless has not gone up to the end. Without having told is not present About possibility to stand on a post of the president in 2000, he has not told and yes . And though this reticence gives to the Moscow mayor chance to recede in case of situation change, a small step with which main road begins, it has made yesterday. As elections of the mayor absolutely unessentially should to coincide precisely on time with the presidential.