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Milosevic has found the Maskhadov
  Milosevic has found the Maskhadov

Milosevic has found the Maskhadov

And other Albanian leaders the President of Yugoslavia Slobadan Milosevic has enlisted in terrorists
has agreed to begin dialogue with the leader of Kosovan Albanians Ibrahimom Rugova. Though still couple of days ago the Yugoslavian Minister of Defence asserted that with terrorists it is impossible to carry on negotiations . However, to one another does not contradict. Yesterday the Serbian police has started to zachistke the Albanian villages in Kosovo.

to Achieve from Milosevic of the consent to negotiations with Rugova it was possible to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Great Britain Robert Cook who has visited yesterday Belgrad. It was preceded by some days of powerful international pressure upon the Yugoslavian president. Pressure was supported with unambiguous threats (first of all from the USA) military intervention in Kosovo and introduction of new sanctions against Belgrad.
the contribution to manual of Belgrad on a way true was brought also by Russia. Without threatening with force and sanctions, Moscow has simply let know to the Yugoslavian authorities that they were not fond of force application in Kosovo and have gone on reasonable concessions to Albanians. Without having received expected support of Moscow, Belgrad could not play " any more; Russian card in Kosovan game.
Milosevic, certainly, represents business so that it always was for dialogue with Albanians, but here they, say, preferred acts of terrorism. So has explained a position of Belgrad the secretary general of ruling Sotspartii of Serbia to Goritsa Gaevich (the chairman of socialists Milosevic is). Gaevich it is firmly convinced, what exactly the resolute action of the Serbian police in struggle against terrorists in Kosovo has led the Albanian separatists of thought that dialogue - a unique way of a solution of a problem .
the tonality of official Yugoslavian propagation concerning the leader of moderate Kosovan Albanians Ibrahima Rugova At once has changed. Politicians from Milosevic`s environment suddenly began to assert that only thanks to Rugova`s orientation to the nonviolent policy in Kosovo the peace " is preserved;. That Rugova has not refused yet aspiration to achieve independence of Kosovo, in Belgrad prefer not to remember.
but having agreed on dialogue with Rugova, Belgrad has there and then started to zachistke villages where is based Liberation army of Kosovo Professing, unlike Rugova, military methods of struggle for independence. Under messages from Prishtina and Belgrad, the Serbian police at storm of villages used an armored troop-carrier and grenade cup discharges. The Albanian insurgents have rendered fierce resistance.
It seems that Belgrad has decided to make use of the Chechen experience of Moscow, differentsirovanno approaching to the Albanian leaders. To finish with Albanian basaevymi and raduevymi, Milosevic had to find urgently in the Kosovo mashadova. However both Maskhadov as a result has made Basayev the prime minister, and Rugova cannot carry on negotiations with Belgrad, otrekshis from the irreconcilable .