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Fosberi and Gavrilov

and Gavrilova has come to the end with Poedinok Fosberi with a fighting drawn game
  Fosberi and Gavrilov

the Duel of Fosberi and Gavrilova has come to the end with a fighting drawn game

the International tournament on high jumps under music - not news to Moscow. Similar competitions - show were already spent in the Russian capital one year ago. But at the Moscow tournament second for the account on musical to jumps which has taken place this Wednesday, there was a special highlight: on it there was legendary American Dik Fosberi. It in 1968 has shown to the world a new way of overcoming of a lath - a back downwards, and thus has made revolution in this kind of track and field athletics.

the Most important thing consists that Fosberi not only was present at the competitions organised by the Moscow sport committee with assistance of companies Adidas and Ehrmann, as the guest of honour and in combination the commentator. He also has jumped! Yes - yes, in quality the first dish to the spectators who have filled the Arena of a name of brothers of Znamenskys, has been submitted some kind of tournament of the well-known veterans - jumpers.
at first, by the way, it was supposed that in these performances, besides Fosberi, some legends of track and field athletics will take part at once. Including hardly probable not the most popular Soviet sportsman of all times Valery Brumel, and also eks - world record-holder Tamara Bykova. But they, alas, have decided not to jump at the last minute. that I, the boy, whether that! - Brumel when the correspondent has taken an interest at him about a cause of a failure has laughed the matter off. - it is much more interesting to me to look, as compete young . After, however, it was found out what to act in Moscow to it the annoying trauma - a sprain of ligaments has prevented. As a result a lath which have established on youthful to height of one and a half metre, Fosberi and the former champion of Europe Valentine Gavrilov stormed only. Both, and ours in the past the great athlete, and the American, took it from the first attempt. And Gavrilov, unlike the Olympic champion using not fosberi - flop and traditional to its birth perekidnoj (that is the way of a jump a stomach downwards), at all has not removed a training suit. By the way, in many respects thanks to Gavrilovu, good friend Fosberi, the great American has arrived for the first time to Russia. I think, we could jump and above, - with a smile has noticed Fosberi. - I was personally ready where - that on 1,55 - 1,60. However, if it is fair, I did not train for a long time. Last time - several months ago. But such result as today, the skilled athlete can show on the naked technics .
After veterans before fans today`s stars of high jumps - the champion of Europe Norwegian Stejnar Hoen, brothers from Czechia Jan and Tomash Janku, Canadian Charles Lafransua, Russians Leonid Pumalajnen and Sergey Kljugin have appeared. Under music underneath (basically compositions in style hard - rock) they have played a rank of the winner of tournament. However, their results have appeared more than modest. It is enough to tell that Kljuginu for a victory has sufficed 2,25 metres - heights which obeyed in due time both Fosberi, and Brumelju. Hoen, considered as the unconditional favourite, did not take also it. has just arrived from Australia and has not had time to acclimatise properly here - the Norwegian has justified.