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The destiny an autovase

New model of VAZ bears name Adam Opel
  Destiny an autovase

the New model of VAZ bears name Adam Opel

the Swiss sellers of production the Autovase speak about fast arrival of Opel on the Tolyatti enterprise (the material see this page) not in vain. Yesterday on a press - conferences in Moscow the chairman of board of directors the Autovase Vladimir Kadannikov has informed that constituent documents of joint venture on manufacture of cars between joint-stock company of Autovases and the German concern Adam of Opel AG, possibly, will be signed in the end of the second quarter of current year.

It is supposed that at creation of the joint venture of the party will have equal individual share in the project. Thus expenses for manufacture development will make, according to Kadannikov, not less than $500 - 600 million a year. At first on capacities of one of shops the Autovase will be adjusted assemblage 35 - 50 thousand cars of Opel Astra a year. Further Autovases and Opels intend to develop in common new model of the car which will be made in Tolyatti in quantity about 230 thousand pieces a year.
to this project the Russian authorities, apparently, will have a kind feeling. The day before yesterday during the visit to Germany the first vitse - the prime minister of the government of Russia Boris Nemtsov has highly responded about quality of German cars and has suggested domestic car factories to be guided as strategic partners by German autoconcerns. On what it is concrete, vitse - the prime minister has not specified. However from three large German automobile companies - Daimler - Benz, and Adam Opel AG - first two at all have no BMW, Volkswagen and are not going to have outside of Germany assembly manufactures. Volkswagen plans in Russia are limited to the project of assemblage of Skoda Felicia in Izhevsk (Skoda as Audi and Seat, is included into Volkswagen group).
it is obvious, Nemtsov meant Adam Opel AG. Discrepancy consists only that Adam Opel the German company it is possible to name only conditional as here already some tens years the company belongs to the largest world automobile concern - American General Motors and uses in the manufacture the American technologies. It is not excluded that Nemtsov until recently actively lobbying project GAS - Fiat on assemblage on Gaza of cars of the Italian company, has decided to support at last and vazovtsev. But has to begin with made it extremely clumsily.