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The rights of the child

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  the Rights of the child

Nedetsky games

In 1992 12 - summer American Gregory Kinsli has won litigation, having deprived the mother of the parental rights because of the rough reference with it.
in the summer of 1997 in the Dignity - Frantsisko 13 - summer daughter Christina has been accused of murder of the by Marlene Korrigan. Weighing 310 kg the girl has died of heart attack. Mothers it is made deliberate neokazanie.
in 1994 in Great Britain 29 - summer Susan Sejmor has taken to court indemnification from the mother that that could not prevent Susan`s seduction by the father at the age of 12 years.
In the same place a year later the sixteen-year girl, having left to live in a family of the friend, has demanded through court from parents of the permission to meet its younger sister, the brother and a dog.
in 1997 in Scotland 20 - summer Patrick McDonald has won the claim on reception from mother of additional money for life in training at university. Having won process, he has been deeply revolted by that will be on welfare in 60 pounds instead of demanded by it 400.