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the World — it only faulty station
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the World is only faulty station

On dusty footpaths of far-out planets there are our keys. On 14

the Behavioural stereotype which orders with approach of spring as - that especially to wish love, costs as much, how many and all stamps, - it is a little. However if it is told by the classic: the spring Has come, have started singing birdies to be therefore. The idea of preparation for love all seizes weights more persistently. Legal both physical persons and the whole states get the marriage song.
the safety Federal Agency has reported before the prime minister - the minister about the achievements. Stories about feats of counterspies have so carried away the head of the Russian government that it even was late to budget acceptance. What the such it has been told? Alas, about it we hardly probable when - nibud learn. The data which have filtered into mass-media, give a picture inconsistent. For example, 32 narcobusinessmen, from them 13 foreigners are detained. Success? About yes! But what for figure? The open and published statistics operates with absolutely other usages - thousand and ten thousand dealers, pusherov and other marketing experts are occupied in drug traffic.
Perhaps, it is a question of those who traded at walls of Lubjanki? Only with them the all-powerful service considers due to struggle, only this opponent is worthy it. In that case, we deal with surprising effect which it is possible to name a syndrome of selective blindness. Valorous dzerzhintsam and andropovtsam it was possible not to notice the most famous in Moscow the narcomarket at a drugstore #1 throughout years edak seven. It is visible, and without that was than to be proud.
so if very much it would not be desirable that something existed, it at some skill can and to be noticed something. Boris Nemtsov, acting in the German earth, named madness plans of expansion of the NATO at the expense of republics of the former USSR. neither Europe, nor the USA is unprofitable to mould a new image of the enemy - the statesman has told, having added that the former republics are absolutely integrated into Russia, have the same language, traditions, economic relations .

On dusty footpaths of far-out planets there are our keys. On 14.
Here in each turn the spring inspiration breathes, but also in each turn traces of the semantic inversions similar chekistskim are felt. Without saying that to mould an image the enemy at all times was rather favourable business, concerning integrirovannosti to Russia the opinion standard outside of Russia is opposite.
the Latvian companions have especially distinctly expressed on the expired week. Speech not about demonstration dispersal - to disperse and at us disperse, and are not at a loss anywhere. But if that the peace, slightly flown into a rage Riga youth peacefully has beaten nobody`s grandmothers slightly swung by a wind and grandfathers, insufficiently - there are much more characteristic certificates yet absolute integrirovannosti the Baltic republic to Russia.
in Latvia prepare for an anniversary - 55 - letiju one military formation. It is supposed, in the best traditions, ceremonial meeting, putting on of wreaths to Freedom monument, divine service in the Domsky cathedral. The military unit was called Vaffen SS and results of its fighting way have been brought on the Nuremberg process. In the Latvia opinions were divided: president Ulmanis has ordered to investigate a situation, the secretary of the Latvian parliament has noticed that any bases to forbid legionaries to celebrate the anniversary it does not see.
all would like to be if not favourite, then great. And FSB, establishment with reputation essentially not washed, is not tired to broadcast about the valid or imaginary successes.
and Russia which is not able in any way to understand who it - the superstate or the world boondocks, confirms: Lived, know, in a communal flat it is close, but it is amicable. Happened, of course, you will beat somebody from neighbours. But have parted, so trust, they and live without us cannot . And the growing poor Latvia revenges for own uncertainty to a little guilty grandmothers in it and to grandfathers.
however, March thirst of love on all operates on - to a miscellaneous. Communists adjusts on a philosophical harmony: Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas. Gennady Zyuganov, arguing on a future burial place of remains of an imperial family, has predicted: That vanity from which all it prepares, pushes on thought that they after that will get with the dirty hands and in an inner sanctum - on Red Square where 400 persons " are buried;.
How not to divide alarm of the communist: the picture was designated the unpleasant. Consequences already it is available. There was a custom: on the Kremlin restrained cemetery all who was going to execute important state missions - sportsmen before the Olympic Games went, cosmonauts before flight. And nicely all turned out, as a rule. And what now?
Cosmonauts, seemingly, neglected tradition. Have not come to blue spruces, have not listened attentively to silence, have not inhaled as if still smelling Herzegovina of Florae air. Here and result: history with opening of the hatch and the broken keys on 14. The unfortunate station which is dangling in space as in an ice-hole, not without reason is called the World .
the Station also is thoroughly faulty for a long time. To repair it, it is necessary to leave in a free space. And to make it it is necessary at any cost. Any module without which lives are not present here will fall off station here-. But the hatch has jammed. It is possible to try to turn off bolts as usual, by means of a hammer and any mother. But here this time - did not leave. At a bolt, on graceful expression of the head of flight of Vladimir Soloveva, has had a snack a carving . Turning off have broken already three keys on 14. In the middle of March the ship from the Earth should deliver the next portion of keys. For now turning off wait.
if raskavychit the station name, here to you a lyrical picture by women`s day. We sit in any tin, we wait for a key, love, mutual integration or at least cosmonaut Baturin. We sing silently: On dusty footpaths of far-out planets there are our keys . Dirty hands climb in an inner sanctum, and on 14 all does not fly in any way.