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The reporting from detopriemnika

In Russia of 2 million homeless children. These are the data of International Red Kre
  the Reporting from detopriemnika

In Russia of 2 million homeless children. These are the data of the International Red Cross. Figures are not exact. The army of homeless children replenishes every day. It is promoted by absence of the law on protection of children. Correspondents SERGEY - KASHIN and IRINA - SHKARNIKOVA were convinced of it.

Moscow - the homelessness centre. Children run here, them persuade to arrive friends or girlfriends. As soon as the child appears in capital, it instantly calculates the recruiter . And it appears at once in a brothel where it will force to be engaged in prostitution or begging. Exists also original orgnabor in a province. Messengers from capital, painting pleasures of the Moscow life, invite children here. A result one: they get to the souteneur or the owner stables beggars. Then militian round-ups, and them bring to receivers - distributors. We have visited one of them.
the State grey building with lattices at windows and long naked corridors. Here bring children from 3 till 16 years. Here they will stay no more month, and then them will send to parents from whom they have run away, or in children`s home.
Sasha, 9 years. To militiamen who have brought it from a bus stop, has told that he waited for 6 hours there the mum who where - that has left by a taxi. Has told that a surname its Smirnov. Has told lies. When undersigned for the handed over things, Simonov has written a surname. Says that does not remember the address, where veins. In two days already says that recently have moved on new apartment. Where now there can be mum, does not know. To it suggest to go and find on a place the house. Refuses: I do not remember, what house . Why does not remember? Says that last one and a half year has spent to sanatoria - treated an asthmatic syndrome. What sanatorium, of course, besides does not remember.
children say lies to the last, - the director of the receiver Yury Lapshin speaks, - are afraid to come back back in a family .
But even if it was possible to return the child home, guarantees that it again will not be on the street, is not present any. And in the Center of time isolation, and in shelters it is a lot of povtornikov - children who appear here not for the first time, and begunkov - escaped from children`s home.
it is sometimes found out that the child - the vagabond. Children`s homes try from such to get rid.
in children`s home of children distribute on a residence permit .
Sasha K, 13 years. After death of the father of veins with mother in Sukhumi. Mother constantly went to Moscow, traded in colours. Has then married the Muscovite, has moved to Moscow and has brought with itself Sashu. Has given birth here to the second child. Has started to drink. The new husband has deprived of its rights concerning the child and has moved from apartment. Mother by that moment was already absolutely sick and did not get up almost. It together with Sashej was sheltered by neighbours. The boy has run away, has started to be on the tramp. Has got to the centre. That with it will be further, it is not known, - it does not have Russian citizenship, and the Moscow children`s homes refuse to accept it.
fifteen-year to Vick from Zaporozhye has persuaded to move to Moscow the girl-friend - the prostitute. It has painted Vick for which both mother, and the stepfather do not work, drink and row that it is possible to live in Moscow. And even the ticket has bought. But Vick a month later has got in militia. Now it will send back. what you will do further? - we Will look... - has vaguely answered Vick. Most likely, after a while it again will return to Moscow - to the following round-up. And will pull to majority. Then the state from herself cares of its destiny will be removed also by it can be engaged in prostitution in Moscow as much as necessary.
recently to us children with AIDS began to get, - Lapshin tells. - eight cases of disease last two years. With these children we at all do not know what to do. One sick boy of 12 years have sent back in its native village. So he was expelled therefrom by fellows villager. It has returned to us and has asked for prison. All the same, speaks, to me not for long remains, it is necessary where - that to live .
Once in a shelter the young man who has declared has resulted six younger brothers and sisters that tomorrow to it to leave in army, and kids to leave there is nobody. On a question about monsters from a military registration and enlistment office obliged to understand position he has answered that itself aspires to get to army, that Not to go mad . Its history and really has appeared terrible. The father - the drunkard was hung up. Mother was at this time in maternity home with the next kid. Having learnt about death of the husband, has strangled the baby and has committed suicide, having accepted a huge dose of vinegar.
and six-year Feodor R - independent muzhichok. Have brought it to a shelter from one of city dumps where, as he said, at them with mother was fazenda . They lived there two years, questions of livelihood of a family lay on Feodor. He solved them, under its own stories, selling nonferrous metal . It where - that have picked up, have brought to a shelter. And the first some days it went to the security guard of a shelter and asked: Be the friend, find mum, only, please, do not beat . In the first evening it fairly poveselil employees of a shelter, having glanced in their room: Little girls, there ` Santa - Barbara ` has begun, if want to look, have gone - on dustbins, probably, democracy and mutual aid reign. To Feodor has carried - its senior stepbrother has seen it on the TV and now takes away to itself.
But stories with the happy end - the big rarity.