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the Car of your dream, what it?
  direct speech

the Car of your dream, what it?

Maria Arbatov, the president of club the Women interfering in the policy :
- I do not have erogenous zone in the field of cars. The car for me not a dream subject, and means of transportation. Therefore me as the person who has visited failure, safety of the driver and passengers first of all interests. From this point of view, as far as I know, as the most reliable are considered Volvo and Saab . And in general all is equal to me on what to go. From domestic cars it is pleasant to me Volga - on an extreme measure those cars that serve our government officials.

Darya Chervonenko, the sports commentator:
- I dream to pass on race car Formula - 1! Terribly I want to feel its power and speed.

Irina Khakamada, the chairman of the State Committee of Russia on support and development of small business:
- Strangely enough, but my dream has absolutely defined both colour, and mark - red, small porsh with a stupid nose. Partly the dream was realised - to me have presented small model of such car. And in general I love the big, very high-speed and very comfortable cars in which it is possible to feel at home. And is faster than black colour, with a little approximated forms, extended, directed where - that is far - far. In general completely not similar to my first six. And yet very much I treat kindly cabriolets - in them difficultly hairdress to keep.

Bella Akhmadullina, the poetess:
- I in the childhood awfully dreamt of the car, and in youth was the inveterate motorist. The top of my dreams then had appeared the Muscovite 407 models. And now cars is already a prerogative of the husband, now it drives, let he and dreams.

Ekaterina Lahova, the leader of movement Women of Russia the deputy of the State Duma:
- I badly understand cars and, to tell the truth, I do not dream at all of the car. Simply because the family does not want to have the car. And if abstractly to argue, would like to have any foreign car. I remember till now, how seven years ago I have sat down for the first time in a minibus of foreign manufacture. Very small, but surprisingly comfortable. So a foreign car. Not red - it is exact, not opened - after all we constantly have rains. But practical - that to the people held more. That`s all my representations about the car of my dream. And in life I am content Volga which to deputies send on a call.

Natalia Kosolapova, the director of gallery of M ` ARS:
- it is pleasant To me to Opel Corsa. And in general it would be desirable to have new Volkswagen - the Bug . It is such nostalgic car. I saw photos new the Bug - very much it was pleasant. It, of course, very expensive and not national the car. And at all do not chafe soul - at me new vosmerochku have stolen. To return it is here the present dream.

Veronica Moiseyev, the general director of company Imageland Public Relations:
- I Want Volvo dark blue colour. It is pleasant to me, probably, because to us in the company send weight of prospectuses with detailed descriptions of salon, design, system of safety and all the rest. I like this style - a little tjazhelovatyj and during too time graceful. This combination draws me. And now at me Ford Skorpio .

Anna Drugova, the president of Russian acceptance bank:
- I Adore cars! When - that dreamt about white Mercedes but has then understood that it is completely not necessary to me - too big and heavy. Now at me Volkswagen Polo - small and convenient. Just right for a big city. Very much it I love and of what the friend I do not dream. In general cars should be loved, then they will be obedient and beautiful.

Nonna Mordjukova, the actress:
- Probably, Mercedes . In general - that I not important understand them. Once, many years ago Nikita Mikhalkov has carried us on shootings on Mercedes . Till now I remember - it went like clockwork. And here Lincolns for example, such as at Bari Alibasov, it are not pleasant to me. It is the lordly car. Ridiculously to observe, how on this luxury the powdered poor sit. Cars without a roof I saw only at cinema and I do not know that they from themselves represent to realities. From our cars it is pleasant to me Volga . And in general the car is not necessary to me - it is necessary to study, pass examinations... It hlopotnoe pleasure.

Anna Malysheva, a press - the secretary of the Constitutional court:
- to Swing in dreams and to desire any of those cars which have been presented on the Geneva salon, our validity does not allow. As soon as you will start to reflect on what would like, at once work any terminators - for example, absence of garage or constant threat of stealing. If there would be a garage I would accept one of latest models Peugeot . And in general, most of all it is pleasant to me Volkswagen - the Trade wind . From - for forms and comfortablenesses. And on spaciousness it at all less than ours the Muscovite .

Svetlana Kuzmin, the president of the General bank:
- the Car of my dream - white Mercedes series E, such big-eyed. At it any cat`s character. On - to mine, it is very female car. And in the childhood to me to dream there was nothing - at parents always was Volga - A limit of dreams of the Soviet person. We simply also did not represent another.

Natalia Krachkovsky, the actress:
- I dream of the convenient, small and beautiful car. I do not know, what particularly to me was to be had, but it necessarily should be computer-controlled. And that, on - to mine, it is completely not convenient, when all time should be pulled something. But only dream as to drive it I am not able also cars at me never was. And very much it would be desirable.

Veronica Sule, the chief of the Moscow bureau of French newspaper Liberation:
- I at all do not love the car. And though I at the wheel from 18 years, drive very seldom and I do not like it to do. Any automobile dreams at me are not present.

Irina Zajtseva conducting TV programs The man of the hour without a tie :
- I already have a car - the eight and I do not dream of another yet. I prefer to be the realist: there is money - there is a dream, there is no money - there is no also a dream. My dreams should be real and ispolnimymi.