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That was during a week

Two worlds, two systems
  That was during a week

Two worlds, two systems

your road from Russia Today has ended, - has solemnly told nju - jorksky judge Karen and to Richard Tornam, a married couple from Arizona, - but your parental road only begins .
This history year discussed in America and Russia because social and cultural stereotypes of two worlds here have faced. The worlds have appeared are completely not uniform. Last summer Torny have brought home two four-year girls from Russia, and have deprived of the parental rights that in the plane on the way home they them " in their autumn; splashed and verbally offended . Stewardesses and passengers - certainly, Americans have informed. I speak certainly not only because have informed (though the belief that harm should be is punished, really peculiar to Americans), but also because behaviour Tornov, which strongly struck children by a back part of feet (better to say, on the priest), it seemed to them not simply unusual, but deserving suit. Parents in tears asserted that did not beat children, and tried to cope with squealing, escaping, mentally unhealthy children who (certainly) understood nothing on - anglijski and have been exhausted by long flight. Both girls were are taken from children`s home under Voronezhem. One of them the baby have found in the street, another at one-and-a-half-year-old age was thrown by mother - the alcoholic (mother was hung up subsequently).
Now - when the court was convinced that spouses Torn have passed a course for reception parents and are ready to visit employment of the psychoanalyst, - it awards full guardianship over children, and the family without the prevention will be visited by representatives of local council about well-being of children. So was (like) business which had so serious consequences on either side of ocean is closed. At us this case has induced the Duma as much as possible to complicate procedure of adoption of children by foreigners. In the USA began say openly for the first time that adoption of children from Russia can bear with itself problems. Torny the first have dared to assert that Russian children after arrival sometimes behave at once simply monstrously.
Russia became now the largest source of foreign adoptions in America, having overtaken last year (3800 children) even China. Advantages of China that it delivers healthy girls of chest age (from girls in China, as it is known, get rid). But in Russia it is possible to take white children, and in rather fast terms though and it is expensive. Besides, Russia favourably differs from America that children therefrom do not have past. Even if the child will know Russian culture and language (and the majority of parents aspires to it), garantirovanno biological mother is not to demand the child back.

Russian children need to be held long on hands. And it is good and not only children
In America it is accepted to adopt children as conscious decisions here are welcomed. To adopt foreign children it is accepted also not only from - for difficulties with adoption of the American babies (white few), but also from - for desires to rescue. At all human naturalness, cleanliness and nobleness of the personal motives inducing to adoption (and these motives are various, and childlessness far not the most important, - many adopt, having pair - a three of the), for people simple, and such the majority, the role and naive cultural expectations play. Russia still sees so: the cruel power which holds the unfortunate suffering population under a heel. As a symbol of this population - the innocent and unfairly deprived blessings of a civilisation - the baby also acts. To take the child from Russia is to rescue it from a hell, and people are ready to pay for this feeling.
the American parents, thus, are ready to a meeting with children physically sick and resignedly pay for their heart operations. In America in general it is accepted to speak without ceremony about illnesses and to struggle with them openly. But parents are not ready to a meeting with children malicious, cruel, gregarious. institutsionalizovannymi children As speak in America, with the children`s home press on character. And they gradually start to understand degree institutsionalizovannosti the former USSR, where all in own way - detdomovskie.
However, therapy does miracles. For example, to hold already big child on hands within several hours very much helps. With it it becomes easier.
the American experts why - that believe that the present decision about spouses of Torn will reconcile Russian authorities with foreign adoption. Alas, the Duma, as it is known, struggles not for happiness of children, and for national advantage. The matter is that - if to see the matter extremely cynically that always makes sober, - the child gradually turns to the same goods, as well as any another. We any more do not bake bread and we do not plane furniture: for this purpose there are special people. That is, maybe, we bake, but in special cases; However it is necessary to see that the quantity of people promptly grows in the rich countries (and especially women) which are ready to pay for all and anything, except favourite work, do not want to do. Including to give birth. The known question turned to the lieutenant Rzhev, the modern person would answer that in children loves just not process, and result.
there are variants softer - it will be soon possible to buy on to the Internet a set for pregnancy (not from pregnancy, and for), consisting of a syringe and donor sperm and to give birth to all - taki most. It is possible to use donor jajtsekletku. It is possible - so-called substitute mother . But all it - yet all laws are accepted - gives rise to incidents. America the history about the girl, at which six persons of parents and thus has shaken any: fruitless married couple A has decided to make the child of donor sperm and donor jajtsekletki, having charged all it to take out substitute mother B. Which, in turn, had a husband (total six participants?) . But a month before a birth of the child of spouses A has sued for divorce and has refused to pay the alimony, giving reason for it that the child not it. The court has been compelled to recognise its correctness, and also to tell to its former wife, as it to the girl not mother; truth, it can adopt her, than subsequently business and has come to an end. Reading such stories, many tend to that it is better to adopt at once.
Leading up a situation to a logic limit, we will tell so. If the birth of children starts to submit to the same economic laws, as any manufacture there is first of all a division of labour. Recently in America have made noise concerning that the big money pays for a donor service jajtsekletki. Doctors justified that it not purchase, and indemnification for heavy and life-threatening operation, - is free on such, certainly, nobody will go. As well as in all other areas of life, the mankind will be divided into those who will work as the body, giving birth or supplying with the necessary details for this process, and on those who will work as brains, consuming physical work fruits.
meanwhile (here the Duma - that also has taken offence) Russia represents the market cheap tjaglovo - maternity force and no more that. However, not qualified - therefore children with defects. But to repairing give in. Basically to the Duma followed take care of improvement of quality of Russian children - from what domestic consumers would win also.