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Without denominations

On a dock in the Supreme court of Tatarstan there were ten persons as whom the consequence considers tatarstanskim as a wing of the large Dagestan organised criminal community of counterfeiters. They had time to realise 43 tysjacherublevye the denominations made in underground shop in Dagestan, have not been caught yet red-handed. Yesterday at preliminary hearings the defendants who have recognised fault partially, have wished, that they were judged by jurymen.
yesterday at a private meeting in the Supreme court of Tatarstan have passed preliminary hearings on criminal case of ten members of structural division Dagestan OPS counterfeiters who are accused under two articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation: 210 ( the Organization and participation in criminal community ) and 186 ( Sale of counterfeit bank notes ) . Under the version of the investigation, they marketed in Tatarstan tysjacherublevye counterfeit denominations.

on a dock there were inhabitants of Bashkiria 29 - summer Magomed Magomedov, 48 - summer Raudat Gazizov and 44 - summer Rashit Fajzov, inhabitants of Tatarstan 39 - summer Fanur Habibullin, 45 - summer Ramil Usmanov, 33 - summer Danir Galjautdinov and 34 - summer Andrey Monin (all four from Naberezhnye Chelny), 36 - summer Sergey Bengin and 30 - summer Rumil Safin (from Nizhnekamsk), and also living in Tatarstan without registration the native of Uzbekistan 43 - summer Munir Sadykov. As considers a consequence, they represent tatarstanskoe wing OPS which was organised by Magomedov. According to business materials, in February, 2007 it has met in Dagestan leaders of local criminal syndicate of counterfeiters (in business appear as unstated persons), has accepted their offer to adjoin them and to start to market in Tatarstan and Bashkiria tysjacherublevye counterfeit denominations and in a month has hammered together the brigade. Under the operative data, this syndicate has large underground shop on manufacturing of rather qualitative forgeries, and also the network of dealers branched out across Russia. According to the investigation, Magomedov at first has chosen to itself as the approached Bashkir criminal authorities, recidivists of Gazizova and Fajzova, and then with their help has involved the others. Has been decided to begin sale of forgeries with Tatarstan. But, as considers a consequence, members of a brigade of Magomedov in April - June, 2007 had time to realise only 43 tysjacherublevye the denominations printed in Dagestan. Counterfeit money was thrown in cafe, in the markets, in shops of Naberezhnye Chelny, Aznakaevo, Elabugi, Nizhnekamsk, Almetyevsk.

on June, 3rd, 2007 members of a brigade and their leader took employees tatarstanskogo the Ministry of Internal Affairs at attempt to realise 63 tysjacherublevye forgeries. Agents of national security do not disclose a detail of the performed operation.

during preliminary hearings by defendant the preventive punishment in the form of arrest though the majority of lawyers asked for the clients a subscription about nevyezde has been prolonged. Some rank-and-file members of division OPS have declared petitions for a legal investigation jurymen. Though leaders have appeared against it, the court has satisfied the petition and has appointed the judicial examination beginning to June, 1st.

as the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of Tatarstan has informed yesterday Ravil Vahitov, during preliminary investigation defendants recognised fault partially - only some facts of sale of counterfeit money. Considering it, it is possible to assume that their lawyers will achieve on court of an exception of charges of article about the organisation and participation in criminal community. We will note, only under this article to defendants threatens till 15 years of imprisonment. Under forecasts of mister Vahitova, the sentence on business will be announced not earlier than September.