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Energetikam will grant a respite

As it became known, nuclear reactor ADE-2 in Zheleznogorsk (Krasnoyarsk region) which will be stopped in the end of May, in September again will begin work to provide a city heat supply. The reason of restart that the Zheleznogorsk thermal power station, most likely, will not be ready to a cold season 2009/ 2010. Under the information “ Yenisei TGK “ (ารส-13), maintaining thermal power station, start of station which should replace the reactor, will occur not earlier than summer of 2010.
at yesterday`s meeting in the government of Krasnoyarsk region on preparation of Zheleznogorsk to osenne - to the winter period 2009/ 2010 the minister of the industry and power of Krasnoyarsk region Denis Pashkov has informed that in September reactor ADE-2 will be included again “ in case of unavailability of Zheleznogorsk thermal power station “. “ Thermal capacity of a city will be provided by reactor work until starting complexes of Zheleznogorsk thermal power station will be entered into high-grade operation. The corresponding order on it is signed in Rosatom “ - mister Pashkov has told.

the agreement on a reactor stop on Zheleznogorsk GHK and building of thermal power station for replacement of its capacities on energy manufacture has been signed by Russia and the USA in 1996. The station should be constructed by 2010. According to the project, the established capacity of thermal power station will make 117 MVt electric and 478 Gkal/ hour of thermal energy. In August, 2006 building has begun FGUP “ the CLAIM “Rosatomstroj“ “. The Total cost of the project which the American side should finance, $443 million Under the project “ Rosatomstroj “ has mastered $275 million According to the order of Rosatom น285 from April, 29th of current year, the reactor Zheleznogorsk GHK will be stopped on May, 31st. By words and. An island The chief engineer Zheleznogorsk it is mountain - chemical industrial complex (GHK) Sergey Peshkov, the reactor will be disconnected “ for carrying out of planned preventive works with the subsequent transfer in a mode of reserve expectation for operative start in case of need “. Meanwhile at a yesterday`s meeting with representatives of mass-media in Krasnoyarsk general director FGUP “ the CLAIM “Rosatomstroj“ “ Artem Butov has noticed that the American side in September concerns reactor start normally. He also has informed that on May, 15th on thermal power station starting-up and adjustment works will begin, in July supply of electricity for own needs will be carried out, and in September all civil and erection works are spent. As a result, as he said, in December of this year two starting complexes will be handed over in regime operation.

in “ Yenisei TGK “ (ekspluatant to Zheleznogorsk thermal power station) yesterday have explained that actually it is a question not of start in commercial operation of power units of thermal power station, and about delivery in regime adjustment. “ from delivery in regime adjustment before full commissioning usually passes some months “ - have explained in the company. Actually it can mean that thermal power station will not be high-grade to work in the future cold season.

we will remind, under the report signed by the head of Rosatom by Sergey Kirienko and the governor of edge by Alexander Hloponinym in September of last year, the reactor cannot be stopped before start of Zheleznogorsk thermal power station. According to the document, two blocks of Zheleznogorsk thermal power station were supposed to be put in operation not later than September, 2009. However in March the general director of Open Society “ Yenisei TGK “ Vladimir Bogomazov has directed to the minister of the industry and power of Krasnoyarsk region to Denis Pashkov the letter in which has expressed doubt that blocks can be started before June, 2010. “ the ready state of under construction Zheleznogorsk thermal power station raises now the doubts in possibility of putting into operation of the first and second starting complexes in the planned terms. Proceeding from standard terms and the existing organisation of works taking into account seasonal prevalence of performance of certain kinds of works (hydrotest of pipelines and the equipment, washing of heating systems and coppers and etc.) Start-up in work in a mode 1 personal computers and 2 personal computers ZHTETS is really possible not earlier than June, 2010 “ - it is told in the document. In the end of April the mayor of Zheleznogorsk Gennady Bahovtsev has declared that “ in a case if Rosatom … will stop reactor ADE - 2 to readiness of two starting complexes of station, the uninterrupted heat supply of Zheleznogorsk will appear under the threat “.

the Chief of department of public relations of administration of Zheleznogorsk Dmitry Zaharov has noticed yesterday that, “ having broken terms of building of thermal power station, to a management “ Atomstroja “ remains nothing as soon as to try to shift responsibility on others or in general to withdraw conversation from a theme “. “ As to merits of case on a question, whether the Zheleznogorsk thermal power station will be ready to a cold season 2009/ 2010, at meeting in regional administration mister Butov has unequivocally answered: no. It seems to me, it speaks for itself. The city can encourage only that at the same meeting the regional authorities guaranteed that reactor GHK will be again included in September “ - mister Zaharov has concluded.

„“ will watch succession of events.