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Earthquake of investors

the Novosibirsk authorities search for new sources of incomes for the city budget. In the mayoralty intend to look narrowly " more attentively; to the ground areas which have been sold or leased to investors, but now are not used from - for absence of means at builders. Mayor Vladimir Gorodetsky has not excluded that the municipality can withdraw these earths and transfer to their new investors. Experts recognise what to withdraw not used earth it is possible, but today it to someone to another will hand over uneasy.
the statement of the mayor of Novosibirsk Vladimir Gorodetsky that the ground areas can start to withdraw from investors who do not have means for realisation of the declared plans, has sounded at yesterday`s session of presidium of the mayoralty. It did not become a part of any performance prepared in advance, and has been stated as the remark to the report of the head of department of the finance of the mayoralty of Boris Bureeva. Mister Bureev has told, in particular, about a growing city debt and decreasing incomes, first of all from tax revenues. Vladimir Gorodetsky recognised that this year the budget hard times wait, apparently, and has demanded from subordinates to find non-standard ways for increase in receipts in the budget. As one of such ways the town governor named necessity of work with sites the failed investors (that is builders who do not have means for realisation of the declared projects. - ). and is such (investors. - ) which would like to enter here. And this possibility needs to be used - mister Gorodetsky has underlined.

later, answering a question , the mayor has explained that meant not any automatic withdrawal of the earth, and personal work with each investor on the further use of the site allocated to it. By what criteria will select investors and about what particularly sites there is a speech, the mayor has not specified.

however as it was possible to find out , the offer of the mayor of Novosibirsk has got on a fertile field. The deputy of city council, the chairman of the commission on the municipal property Alexander Ljulko considers that a problem of return of not used sites for a long time has ripened . And today there are investors who are ready to erect habitation, for example, but they cannot find the earth for the projects - all suitable sites are already occupied - the deputy complains. The operating partner of company DSO Consulting Sergey Djachkov considers that today in Novosibirsk stands idle to 100 sites work on which is not conducted at least from past autumn, and hardly this situation will change the next year. growth of cost of the earth stimulated businessmen to aspire to receive the ground areas at any cost. Thus many, only having rented the earth, started to reflect, as on what money they there would like to construct - the adviser speaks. Now, according to mister Djachkova, it is theoretically possible to withdraw a part from them from former builders and to transfer or sell new, having earned on it once again.

the expert in ground relations, a member of Novosibirsk Bar JUved Marina Antonova recognises that the mayoralty has quite real possibilities for transfer of the standing idle earth to new investors when the site is leased. if the tenant does not use the earth it can be treated as infringement of a lease term. In this case the contract can be terminated or is not prolonged - has explained the lawyer, having noticed that similar precedents in Novosibirsk already were.

the Director of company RID Analytics Elena Yermolaev also says that heard about cases of withdrawal given out before sites, however notices that earlier at the mayoralty was less stimulus to go on so strict measures as incomes of sale or tenancy of the earth and without that grew at the expense of realisation of new sites. today, when budget incomes fall, it is quite reasonable to address and to this resource - to take away the earth from builders which not in a condition to master it independently - the analyst considers.

shortage of new builders can become the main problem which it is necessary to face city administration if she really wants to fill up thus the budget, Yermolaev`s madam considers. owners and tenants of sites are ready to get them for a long time already off the hands, but to find now the buyer on an earth piece, on which else is constructed nothing, it is the extremely difficult - the expert speaks.

Alexander Ljulko, however, considers that and tenants of the earth it is possible to find buyers, especially if to change the concept of building of city territory basically. today it is difficult to realise the scale projects demanding huge capital expenses, therefore would be more correct to give standing idle sites under low building - the deputy is assured. According to mister Ljulko, sites in the central part of a city could be used for building of complexes elite habitation on which the mayoralty could earn, and the earth on suburbs to give to builders practically for nothing - all the same demand for it is equal today to zero.