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To Alla Kozhevnikovoj the healthy marrow

in " is replaced on April, 24th; and on a site www. rusfond. ru we have published ten years` Alla Kozhevnikovoj`s history from Krasnodar territory ( Rodnee does not happen Victor Kostjukovsky). The Foster daughter in a family where except it seven more children, Alla was ill lejkozom, and doctors of Petersburg take now all measures for its rescue. Now it will be easier, because our readers to the aid have come. They have collected 1 397 500 rbl. on medicines for Alla.

on May, 6th to Alla transplantation of deckman cages from the unrelated donor is spent. It is important to prevent any complications therefore paid by you, dear friends, medicines now very opportunely. Mum of the girl Nina Mihajlovna Kozlovsky and doctors of Institute of R.M.Gorbachevoj thank you for generosity and kindness. We will watch succession of events.

and here still news.

are paid: operations concerning congenital heart diseases of Darine Sataevoj (9 months, 346 196 rbl., Tomsk region), Sleepyhead Ermakovoj (1 year, 320 200 rbl.) and Poline Karakulinoj (8 years, 191 770 rbl.) from Udmurtiya, Eline Pashaevoj (6 years, 191 196 rbl.) and Karine Kozhanovoj (4 years, 320 200 rbl.) from Kazakhstan; operations concerning a scoliosis in cost 200 564 rbl. to Olesya Olontsevoj (14 years) and Denis Druzhinin (17 years) from Buryatiya, and also Nikita Kalyginu (12 years, 212 609 rbl., Moscow), Xenias Serezhetdinovoj (18 years, 363 800 rbl., the Chelyabinsk region); treatment DTSP in cost 136 000 rbl. to Egor Kovalevu (1 year, the Rostov region), Vane Somovu (3 years, Stavropol Territory) and Gene Kaljukinu (14 years, Kursk region), cost 156 000 rbl. to Grishe Grigoryan (7 years, Moscow) and to Cyril Alimushkinu (13 years, Kostroma region) ; cheljustno - obverse operations to Masha Buninoj (7 years, 130 000 rbl., Moscow), to Anton Ishmetovu (16 years, 100 000 rbl., the Vologda region), Ane Morozovoj (9 years, 80 000 rbl., the Saratov region), Natasha Kozlovoj (15 years, 120 000 rbl., the Rostov region); operation concerning congenital kosolaposti to Nikita Lazarevu (6 years, 84 000 rbl., the Leningrad region), to Maxim Ivanov (4 months, 196 000 rbl.) and to Cyril Poljakovu (15 years, 190 000 rbl.) From the Yaroslavl region, to Arkashe Galkin (7 years, 260 000 rbl., Tatarija).

It is sent: 521 000 rbl. on medical products to Natasha Plahinoj (8 years, sharp mieloblastnyj lejkoz, Mary El`s Republic) and Vale Demidovoj 176 020 rbl. (15 years, limfoma sredostenija, Petersburg), 67 210 rbl. on operation of the Sachet to Lukjanovu (7 years, relative deafness 3 - j degrees, Petersburg).

Have helped: welfare fund Russian gift of life And a help Society to Russian children, Vitaly (all - the USA), Alexander (Canada), George (Germany), Ilya, Vasily (both is Finland), Alexander (England), Victor (Netherlands), Matanat (Azerbaijan), Ajrat (Tatarija), Sergey (Novosibirsk), Tatyana (Southern - Sahalinsk), Igor (Voronezh), Irina (Tver), Ruslan (Podolsk), Olga, Ilya (both is Perm), Sergey (Kaliningrad), Ilshat, Oleg (both is Krasnodar), Inna Vitalevna (all - Ekaterinburg), Yaroslav (Yaroslavl), Anna (the Novgorod region) Max, Xenia, Dmitry, Natalia, grey - sky (all - SPb), OSAO Ingosstrah Joint-Stock Company the Company the TransTV set , welfare fund Renova the company M.Video Open Society Russia - bank Open Society Sobinbank Open Company companies the Rock hell Joint-Stock Company PMP, Joint-Stock Company TPG Kuntsevo Joint-Stock Company the Transnetwork Joint-Stock Company the International joint-stock bank Open Company Tatneft - Tsentroresurs the Swiss house Open Company the Company Professional legal consulting Joint-Stock Company Ural Mountains - the Deposit Open Company Agis the Steel Herman, Andrey the Christian, Irina from the company, Natalia from the head, Andrey Petrovich Dobrov, Ekaterina and Rustam, Zosja, two Evgenies, Anna, Yaroslav, Olesya, two Igors, Oleg, Victoria, Arthur, three Natalias, two Irinas, Margarita, two Cyrils, Maria, three Dmitrys, Vladimir, Ruslan, Anastas, two Andreys, Leonid, two Julia, two Sergeys, Elena, two Michaels, Ivan, Maxim, Anzhelika, Boris, Elena Viktorovna, Denis, Ekaterina, Lyudmila, Ekaterina and Irina Vasilevna, Nikolay, Zynaida, Armen, Kira, Pavel, Belief, the Novel, Inna, three Alexeys, Olga, two Alexanders, Marina, Gennady, Svetlana, Vladislav, Tatyana, Hope, Vadim, a family of Lipatovyh, Artem, Levon, Maria, Alla, Svetlana and Love, Anton, Ilya, Veniamin, Alla, Dolores, Larissa, Ravil, Galina, gugolan, VolkovMA@, BNNadja@, superjohnstick@, 5296474@ (all - Moscow).


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