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Hotels prepare for the Economic forum

On the threshold of the Petersburg economic forum (PEF) which will pass 4 - on June, 6th this year, territorial administration FAS across St.-Petersburg has begun removal of punishments in the form of penalties to those hotels in which actions the antimonopoly body has beheld rise in prices during last year`s PEFa. While the penalty have imposed on Open Society Talion and Open Company Vest a bridge hotel . However, analysts consider that similar punishment hardly will affect the price policy of hotels in a forthcoming forum.
yesterday UFAS across St.-Petersburg has passed the decision on penalty imposing according to article 14. 32 KoAP on Open Society Talion ( Talion imperial hotel ) At a rate of 2,8 million roubles. A bit earlier, on May, 7th, on 14,5 million roubles was has fined Open Company Vest a bridge hotel to which belongs novotel St.-Petersburg the centre . In Open Society Talion have refused comments, and in Vest a bridge hotel earlier declared that intend to challenge decision FAS in court.

a formal occasion to removal of similar decisions of a steel of action of 11 hotels which have risen in the price on 80 - 100 %, and even several times, during PEFa, passing from June, 4 till June, 10th, 2008. In February, 2009 UFAS recognised in actions of 11 hotels infringement of article 11 FZ About competition protection having ordered it to eliminate. The given law provides the penalty from 1 - 15 % of a gain from realisation of services which has started to apply antimonopoly body to hotels - to infringers. Hardly after 7 hotels have decided to challenge instructions FAS, having directed claims in Arbitration court St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region.

besides Open Society Talion and Open Company Vest a bridge hotel punishment in the form of the penalty can concern Open Company Europe hotel (the Grandee - hotel Europe ), Open Company the Sink, 22 ( Hotel Kempinski the Sink, 22 ), joint-stock company International houtel investments (Benelux countries) B. V ( Korintija the Neva oriental carpet hotel ), Joint-Stock Company Corporation Hotel ( Redisson SAS - St.-Petersburg ), Open Company the Hotel complex Baltic ( Inn Pribaltijsky`s Park ) And other hotels. These hotels checked FAS and has found there infringements. In spite of the fact that the decision in this respect FAS yet has not taken out, hotels are already ready to continue judicial proceedings with antimonopoly body. As have declared in Hotel Kempinski the Sink, 22 and Korintija the Neva oriental carpet hotel the decision about appointment of punishment in the form of the penalty will be appealed against in court in the terms established by the law.

removal of decisions FAS coincides with preparation for the next economic forum in Petersburg. According to Elena Ignaty, the head of department of hotel consulting and brokeridzha companies Praktis C &B, punishments hardly will affect the price policy of hotels in a forthcoming forum. events of similar scale automatically at least double the prices, - she speaks. - operators have the right to establish the prices corresponding to the market. And if demand increases, and the offer is reduced, it is logically reflected in the price . However, as she said, the price list in comparison with last year will be hardly more low that is connected with the general falling of the prices in the market and nedozagruzhennostju hotels. If earlier fillability of hotels on 65 - 90 % was considered as very good indicator at this time year in the conditions of a current economic situation these figures are much more modest - only 35 - 40 %. In practice the situation is even worse: so, some hotels are filled less than on 15 % (hotels Sokos).