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Nikita Belyh has prepared Kirov for visit of the president

Today in Kirov president Dmitry Medvedev will hold meeting on questions socially - economic development of Privolzhsky federal district. For Kirov this first action of the similar status in the history of a city. On a visit governor Nikita Belyh expects to overcome the president a uselessness complex kirovchan.
to Invite Dmitry Medvedev to Kirov governor Nikita Belyh promised practically right after the appointment. at Kirov there is a sensation of hopelessness. Lately there was no head of the state - neither the emperor, nor the secretary general, the president who would visit Kirov. So there are uselessness complexes - the mister White explained and before May holidays promised that mister Medvedev will arrive to Kirov unexpectedly .

However scale preparation for meeting in Kirov was developed still two weeks ago. Operative repair of roads in all directions has begun - the road marking has appeared even there where it never was, along highways have painted columns and advertising designs. Garbage from city streets began to clean daily, practically having finished a complex accomplishment of a city after winter which usually came to an end by June. However, in the area government underline that active cleaning of a city is not connected on a visit honoured guests.

in the mayoralty have asked with understanding to concern movement restrictions on the regional centre on May, 14th. And in parallel local have interrogated inhabitants of all court yard adjoining to the central streets: at tenants have collected passport data, numbers of mobile phones and have asked whenever possible not to go out of doors on May, 14th and not to hang out posters in windows . Owners of fire-arms - according to a source in the regional Department of Internal Affairs, a little " have undergone to special check; Trunks rules stored without observance, have withdrawn. As a whole for public order protection in Kirov, according to a source in the Department of Internal Affairs, to the regional centre send militiamen from region areas.

the crew of the presidential liner already arrived to Kirov. On Monday pilots studied take off and landing conditions at airport Pobedilovo. Under the informal information, on a city the head of the state will move on an armour limousine which already delivered to Kirov transport Silt - 76. One more limousine have brought from Kazan for president Tatarii Mintimer Shaymiev.

according to official figures the mayoralties, participants of meeting will visit electromachine-building factory Lepse (lets out an aviation electric equipment) and a museum it. Vasnetsovyh where the exhibition dymkovskoj toys is planned. Under the informal information, officials led by the president can visit also factory of preparations of blood and New Vjatsky timber industry industrial complex. Around industrial complex economic constructions and garages have fenced with the freshly painted fence, and approaches to a museum have asphalted. Employees of all enterprises rehearse some days performances on a case of visit of the head of the state.