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to Tigers have found new owners

Military - the industrial company (VPK) holding the Base element Oleg Deripaska has found application of 35 special vehicles the Tiger own Arzamas machine-building factory (AMZ) which delivery was paid by China. tigers will arrive in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, but, despite partial failure of the foreign contract, VPK expects to continue cooperation with the Chinese power departments on the terms of a full advance payment. Experts explain interest of group in export deliveries by their high profitability in comparison with sales in the Russian market: before 20 % of export in total amount of sales provided while unprofitable AMZ net profit.
that - Open Company VPK - has put Open Society AMZ headquarters plant to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia of 35 special police cars the Tiger have informed yesterday in the company. Initially the armour has been intended for power departments of China within the limits of the contract concluded in October, 2007 on delivery in 2008 100 Tigers . As have explained in VPK, as a result in the Chinese National Republic (Peoples Republic of China) 15 cars have left only - the customer did not pay production in time and deliveries should be suspended. now we managed to agree with the Chinese partners about renewal of deliveries of the remained cars, but under the new scheme - only on 100 % - ache to an advance payment - have told yesterday in VPK, having added that are ready and to increase in the order from the Peoples Republic of China. Contract cost in the company do not open.

Open Society the Arzamas machine-building factory it is registered in September, 2002 on the basis of actives created in 70 - e years of the enterprise. Is the unique Russian manufacturer of wheel armour. Lets out armoured troop-carriers (an armored troop-carrier - 70, an armored troop-carrier - 80, an armored troop-carrier - 80, an armored troop-carrier - 90), army cars ( the Water-transport worker ), the transport technics spetsnaznachenija ( the Tiger ) . By data for April, 22nd, 2008, 75,97 % of an authorised capital stock - in nominal derzhanii at Open Society AKB the Union . Open Company VPK, entering in " is actually supervised; Russian cars holding the Base element . A gain for nine months 2008 - 3,24 mlrd rbl., dead loss - 93,37 million rbl.

the Contract on delivery 100 Tigers the expert of the Center of the analysis of strategy and technologies Konstantin Makienko estimates in $6 million According to an analyst, the termination of deliveries of production under contracts at the international level - frequent enough phenomenon in the event that the customer does not carry out the duties on payment: the Arrangement on delivery of the remained special vehicles on 100 % - ache to an advance payment is a right step for prevention of similar problems . Purchase by the Russian power structures of production which has been not realised in foreign markets, meets in practice seldom enough, however the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, probably, could not ignore so the large-scale contract and at the same time has supported the domestic enterprise - analyst IK " continues; the Three Dialogue Gennady Sukhanov.

interest AMZ in work with foreign customers the editor-in-chief of magazine Export of arms Dmitry Vasilev explains higher profitability of export deliveries in comparison with sales in the Russian market: At present the Arzamas enterprise is adequately provided gosoboronzakazom, but he does not guarantee to factory positive financial indicators . According to the expert, from the moment of company AMZ registration received net profit only during that accounting period when the export share exceeded 20 % in total amount of sales: So, in 2002 on export deliveries 45 % of volumes of realisation, in 2007 - m - 23 %, and in the second and third quarters 2008 - 10 % and 4 % accordingly were necessary.