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Parade and priparadniki

on May, 9th in many cities of Russia there have passed parades in honour of day of the Victory. In Moscow some visitors have come on Red Square at parade, worthy especially attentive studying.
on a neck of the plenipotentiary the president in Vladimir Ustinova`s Southern federal district the award " flaunted; For merits before Fatherland III degrees. The left-hand side of a breast of Ustinova was decorated by a star of the Hero of Russia, an award For merits before Fatherland IV degrees (in the second number is closer to a jacket lapel) and two awards of Courage (further from a lapel). If the neighbourhood of two awards of Courage of questions does not cause, two awards For merits the former public prosecutor has put on with statute infringement, according to which at presence at the award awarded to the higher degree the lowest degree of this award and an award medal For merits before Fatherland do not rush .

the Chairman of the Central election committee Vladimir Churov in honour of parade has decorated left-hand side of a breast with an award For merits before Fatherland IV degrees, the Friendship award, medals 300 years to the Russian fleet and In memory 300 - letija St.-Petersburg (the top number in a direction from a lapel). In the second number - two not state awards, one of which (solntseobraznaja), apparently, it is founded by Commonwealth of the independent states, it was not possible to identify the second to us.

Awards of democratic Russia were supplemented with a red cross on a cervical tape - a sign on an imperial award of Sacred Anna of II degree. The award was the Russian award with 1797 for 1917. On January, 31st this year this award of Churova grand duchess Maria Vladimirovna naming with head of the Russian imperial house has awarded. That fact that the person responsible for cleanliness of the Russian elections, combines on the body the distinctions received from the state and from the person, naming de - jure gosudarynej the empress and samoderzhitsej All-Russia, can surprise only the uninitiated. Vladimir Churov repeatedly positively responded about the monarchic form of government, and in March, 2006 even has declared that after election of Public chamber to organise elections of the new emperor not so it is difficult . As Touch-up of a smart attire of the head of the Central Electoral Committee the tie with frolicing in pairs slonikami, having to a solemn occasion rather remote relation served.