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Aviabarks prizemlili

As it became known , the Samara Office of Public Prosecutor on supervision of legislation observance on especially regime objects has fined a management of the Samara aircraft factory Aviabarks upon nonpayment of the salary to employees. Experts notice that at the proprietor the Aviabark holding Russian cars there are no means for enterprise financing.
as the Samara public prosecutor on supervision of execution of laws on especially regime objects Vladimir Mironov has told, in the end of April the Office of Public Prosecutor upon salary nonpayment has brought administrative action against and. An island of the general director the Aviabark Alexander Zolotaryov as regards 1 article 5. 27 KoAP ( infringement of the legislation on work and about a labour safety ) . We will note, at that point in time the general director of the enterprise Vyacheslav Artemyev was in holiday (now its holiday yet has not ended). In absence of the general director the liability of infringement of the legislation should be born to mister Zolotaryov who has been fined. According to Vladimir Mironov if till May, 20th the enterprise does not repay debts under the salary, concerning the general director or fulfilling its duties if the head still is in holiday, administrative case as regards 2 articles 5 will be already opened. 27 KoAP, providing disqualification. To receive management comments the Aviabark yesterday it was not possible.

According to Vladimir Mironov, for May, 1st a debt the Aviabark under the salary for February - March made 60 million roubles and if to 20 numbers this sum is not extinguished, the debts will grow to 90 million roubles. According to mister Mironov, it is the largest debt under the salary among the regime enterprises of area. According to Office of Public Prosecutor it was formed from - for delays of advance payments of the customer the Aviabark - the Minister of Defence, which else in the end of the last year should advance orders for 390 million roubles. According to the head of analytical service of agency Aviaport the basic proprietor of the enterprise - holding Russian cars - will finance hardly Aviabarks as the company in the conditions of crisis does not have means. as to advance payments of orders, traditionally budgetary financing at us slips on the third quarter if not on the fourth, - he speaks. - but without circulating assets to conduct building of the next planes inconveniently .