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47 industrial enterprises of Balakovo (Saratov region) have declared shortage reduction of 2400 employees. To the greatest degree dismissals will mention Open Society Balakovorezinotehnika and Joint-Stock Company Chemical forms delivering autoaccessories for the Autovase. The problems of the enterprise connect with sharp reduction in demand for car industry production. The regional power, on the contrary, assigns all fault for future dismissals to the industrialists who not taken care of a diversification of manufacture and have got to dependence on a motor-car manufacturer.
47 largest industrial enterprises of Balakovo (Saratov region) till July intend to reduce 2409 workers (from them - 1221 woman, 535 pensioners, 1896 workers). The greatest reductions are expected on Joint-Stock Company Chemical forms (870 persons) and Open Society Balakovorezinotehnika (BRT) (750 persons), letting out accessories for the Russian car industry, and on 90 % fastened on Autovases. Personnel reductions will concern also other enterprises of a city, suppliers of autocomponents, and also representatives of other branches of economy: Open Society the Volga diesel engine it. Mum`s (162 persons), Joint-Stock Company the Volga diesel engine it. Mum`s (24 persons), Open Society Balakovsky factory of spare details (97 persons).

These figures at session of an anti-recessionary staff were resulted by the Saratov governor Pavel Ipatov, having paid special attention on inadmissible in his opinion, the situation which has developed on BRT and to the Chemical form . Thus, as it has been noted, as of the end of April in the compelled holidays already there are 1372 workers balakovskih the enterprises, from them 822 - on to the Chemical form . For incomplete working week 9690 persons, 371 more - for incomplete day are translated. As a whole for the first quarter of this year the industrial enterprises of Balakovsky area have shipped production for the sum 15 mlrd 328 million rbl. that on 287 million there is less than January - March of last year.

Open Society Balakovorezinotehnika enters into Open Company the Group of companies Tadem which unites leading manufacturers rezinotehnicheskih products and an electric equipment for Russian mechanical engineering. Besides BRT in GK enter Volzhskrezinotehnika (letting out vibroshumoizoljatsiju and an interior of salon of the car), factory of a name of Tarasova (making starters and generators), MZATE - 2 (automobile electronics and ignition systems). 100 % belong AHK Ales of Indastris Holding With. A (Luxembourg). Under the informal data, group affilirovana to Elena Baturina.

Joint-Stock Company Chemical forms enters in Group himeks (Balakovo, owns a controlling interest of the manufacturer of easy commercial cars INTRALL Polska Sp. And the rights to intellectual property and material actives DAEWOO Motors Polska). Under the informal data, himeks it is under control to the former mayor of Balakovo Alexey Saurinu. Estimating a current situation, the governor has underlined that the meetings spent by it with proprietors BRT and the Chemical form yet do not allow to build optimistical forecasts on prospects of preservation of workplaces . One more the originator personnel crisis mister Ipatov named municipal authority which has taken of a passive position in the decision of questions of employment .

The vision of a situation was stated by the minister of the industry and power of area Alexander Nikonov. the Basic problem of these enterprises (BRT and the Chemical form . - ) - reduction in demand for accessories from motor-car manufacturers, including Open Society Autovases - he believes. - have thus fallen not only realisation volumes, receipt of money resources for shipped production

Meanwhile was reduced also, general director BRT Evgenie Efremov personnel processes occurring at the enterprise refuses to name reductions . We gradually optimise number of the personnel, we reduce, basically, pensioners in connection with purchase on change become outdated, to forty-year prescription, the equipment of modern European, not demanding such quantity working - he has declared . Thus mister Efremov has noticed that loading of capacities BRT has really decreased for 60 % - as today the Russian car industry practically does not work .

On to the Chemical form On situation have refused to make comments, having noticed only that all problems which have arisen at the enterprise are connected with crisis .

In turn, the assistant to the head of regional federation of trade unions Edward Postelga balakovskih industrialists has assigned the basic fault for problems to the federal government, which, as he said, is engaged in car industry support while only theoretically, on a paper . the Promised money has left in banks, but on car factories till now has not got, - he was indignant. - in it it is necessary to search for the reasons of a distress of manufacturers of autoaccessories in regions, including in Balakovo .

the head of economic committee of a regional thought Oleg Galkin adheres to A bit different opinion. BRT in former years not enough attention gave manufacture diversifications - to expansion of the nomenclature of let out production, - he considers. - As a result it has appeared in strong dependence on the Autovase. According to the deputy, the administration needs to increase as much as possible as soon as possible assortment and at the expense of it to receive additional commodity markets.

the situation in car industry of Balakovo can negatively be reflected on socially - a region economic situation as a whole, analyst IK " believes; finam Konstantin Romanov. Thus, the analyst has reminded that as a matter of fact, the enterprises - suppliers the Autovase - were initially created under it, their economy depends on purchases of a motor-car manufacturer. As mister Romanov, by different estimations has noticed, following the results of the first quarter the debts of concern against suppliers have exceeded 10 mlrd rbl. Reception of the promised state support as the analyst considers, most likely, will allow to pay off on these debts, but objective reduction of volumes of output will be negatively reflected in volumes of purchase of accessories.