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Victor Kress took the first deputy from a presidential reserve

the First vitse - the governor of the Tomsk region Sergey Tochilin will leave this post and becomes the assistant to governor Victor Kressa under special commissions. As has informed a press - the secretary of the governor Vladislav Halin, g - n Tochilin has agreed to hold this post, and soon there should be a corresponding order of the head of region . Yesterday the regional Duma has co-ordinated on representation of the governor of change in structure of the top management of regional administration and redistribution of duties between first deputies g - on Kressa existing since summer of 2007. Then by two first vitse - governors have been appointed mayor Severska Sergey Tochilin who prosecuted subjects of expenses of the regional budget and supervised building of the Seversky atomic power station, and Oksana Kozlovsky who was responsible for formation of a profitable part of the budget. The governor has informed deputies of regional Duma that g - n Tochilin as it zama under special commissions will continue interaction with Rosatom on atomic power station building, on creation of the centre of nuclear medicine, building and repair of new schools and on gasification . New by the first vitse - the governor it is appointed 34 - the summer Sergey Ilinyh who was earlier the assistant on social problems. In February, 2009 it has been included in a personnel reserve of the president of the Russian Federation. G - n for Ilyins will be responsible social, socially - political and personnel blocks. G - zha Kozlovsky will concentrate on the economic and financial policy. Victor Kress has explained necessity of reorganisation by the changed economic conditions: defensible, that economic and financial blocks were under one first deputy. The second... Should supervise socially - the political block .