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The Astrakhan electoral committee was headed by the public prosecutor

Yesterday at session of election committee of the Astrakhan region the new chairman oblizibirkoma has been selected. Igor Korovin, since 1997 holding a post of the first zamprokurora areas became them. Its nominee was recommended to regional colleagues by members of the Central election committee of the Russian Federation. As the vice-president of the Central Electoral Committee supervising elections Leonid Ivlev has assured yesterday, the nominee has been co-ordinated with the Astrakhan authorities. From 13 members of regional election committee for Igor Korovin have voted 9, against - 3, and in one bulletin it has not been made any mark. After summarising mister Korovin has promised that will be to adhere to that style of work to which has got used in Office of Public Prosecutor . As wrote earlier , Igor Korovin`s nominee has been offered the Central Electoral Commission as replacement of a nominee of the regional minister of building and a road economy of Tabaraka Muhatova. Head Minstroja governor Alexander Zhilkin - in exchange ahead of schedule retired Evgenie Pokrovsky working as the chairman of regional election committee of last 14 years recommended the Central Electoral Committee. Sources in electoral committee told that the reason of resignation of the mister Pokrovsk became unsuccessful attempt to put the candidate at the head of city election committee, and also that fact that any of candidates of the party of the power advised by the former chairman in deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation could not pass in federal parliament. However at the last minute the Central Electoral Committee has rejected a nominee of Tabaraka Muhatova, as that is the figurant of remedial check of the Astrakhan management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation - the former minister suspect of overestimate of the estimate of budgetary expenses on reconstruction of the Astrakhan city channels.