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Eagle in flight

Yesterday the Volgograd communists have protested against the law on change of a flag and the arms of the Volgograd region which now is on consideration of fractions of regional Duma. Representatives of other political forces also have spoken against change of official symbols of area; some even see in a new variant otsyl to nazi symbolics . The author of the project artist Vladislav Koval asserts that wants to bring symbolics into accord with heraldic laws and to return areas the arms and a flag of Tsaritsyn.
yesterday communists of the Volgograd regional Duma have extended the reference to colleagues - to deputies and the public in which have opposed changes of the arms and a flag of the Volgograd region. As have explained in obkome the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, on discussion of fractions of regional Duma now there is a bill of the Volgograd region About modification of the Law of the Volgograd region from September, 18th 2000. 436 - ODES About the arms and a flag of the Volgograd region . In this bill it is offered to replace operating symbols of region on offered by the Volgograd artist Vladislav Kovalem. Communists have called not to admit destruction of patriotic symbolics of the Volgograd region and replacement with its senseless pictures dishonouring our area and discrediting our history .

With communists sodidarny representatives of other fractions, truth, in less sharp form. A deputy head of fraction of party an United Russia in the Volgograd regional Duma Sergey Bulgakov raskazal that deputies of fraction have decided to postpone consideration of this question to 4 quarters of current year. my personal opinion - the Native land statue - mothers who is a basis of our flag and the arms - a unique thing as Statue of Liberty in America. And to change it for something another, only adhering to heraldry requirements - a science, at present, enough conditional, - it will be wrong - mister Bulgakov has declared . A deputy head of fraction of party Fair Russia Oleg Bolotin agrees with it. It is necessary to postpone consideration of the bill of change of symbols of area to the best, financially, times, - the interlocutor has noted. - besides to renounce the Native land symbol - Mothers on an area flag, veterans of the Great Patriotic War are for the present live is, to put it mildly, unethically . A part of deputies in conversation with even have seen in new symbols otsyl to nazi symbolics .

the Operating arms and a flag of the Volgograd region are accepted on September, 18th, 2000. In a red field of the arms the figure of a statue of the Native land - mother established on Mamaevom a barrow is represented. The flag represents a rectangular red panel with the image in the middle in white colour of the same figure. The author of new symbols of region - a member of the Union of artists of Russia Vladislav Koval - has developed the variants of the arms and a flag in 2007 on the basis of symbols of old Tsaritsyn. The arms represent a red panel with the gold eagle represented on it holding in paws of two silver sterlets, over which - the sun. the Author of the project artist Vladislav Koval asserts that wants to bring symbolics into accord with heraldic laws and to return areas the former arms and a flag. my sketches are based on the arms of old Tsaritsyn developed 280 years ago by request of Peter I geraldistom by Frantsisko Santi on which the account the arms of St.-Petersburg, Tula and Arkhangelsk, - was explained by mister Koval. - the Symbolics of the Volgograd region with the Native land - mother does not correspond to heraldry laws, it can only gerbovidnym be familiar - an emblem. It is quite possible to confirm officially both the arms, and a region emblem, and to use them it is possible depending on a situation . The artist has reminded that its variants of the arms and a flag are developed by it 2 years ago under own initiative and approved by governor Nikolay Maksjutoj who, in turn, has directed the project to a thought.

colleagues Vladislav Kovalja its sketches have approved. new symbols cause positive associations, - Elena Kulakova has noted the artist. - the Crown symbolises Tsaritsyn, an eagle - not only a symbol of Russia, but also a bird who lives in our steppes. Its outlines soft enough, lifted wings symbolise an openness to cooperation and are far from the nazi of symbolics . However, taking into account negative reaction of deputies, Vladislav Kovalja`s initiative most likely will be rejected by regional Duma. As a whole it already the second attempt of change of symbols of the Volgograd region - in December, 2008, the previous structure of a thought, Vladislav Kovalja`s same project has already been rejected.