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Alignment on a vertical

Governor Alexey Gordeyev has supported distribution to the Voronezh region of experience of Belgorod where the head of local government is selected from structure of deputies, and the head of administration is appointed under the contract. Actually such scheme already operates in the majority of municipalities of region, except for four rural areas and Voronezh. However, according to conclusions of mister Gordeyev, it was reduced to a diarchy on places and to an inefficient state administration as a whole.
governor Alexey Gordeyev has held yesterday meeting with heads of municipal unions and members of the regional government on which has declared that intend to improve a state administration in region. one of the basic problems for us is the diarchy at local level which does not allow to render municipal services to the population effectively enough. Such situation should not be " more; - the head of region has told.

Mister Gordeyev has called going to make use of experience of the next Belgorod where since 2005 the mayor carries out functions of the speaker of the City Council, and city - the manager is the first person and directly operates municipal economy and is selected not directly the population, and deputies on a competitive basis. esteem laws and study possibilities of reduction of such system in life. It is necessary for us to hold on a vertical of the power to each settlement of area - the governor has underlined.

in the regional government have explained that Alexey Gordeyev is going to consolidate in each case powers in hands of one responsible a top - the manager. we aspire to leave from inefficient system when budgetary streams are supervised by one person, and the right to dispose of them another possesses - have explained in the device of the governor.

the Initiative about cancellation of national elections of heads of administrations is not new for the Voronezh region. The first employed under city contract - the manager has appeared in region in the summer of 2005 when the Novovoronezh was headed by Sergey Akimov, the former head of department sotskultbyta the New Voronezh atomic power station. According to regional administration, by the present moment only in Voronezh, Anninsky, Kashirsky, Liskinsky and New Usmansky areas of head are selected the population and simultaneously head administrations.

the head of Verhnehavsky area Sergey Vasilenko, making comments on statements of mister Gordeyev, has noted, as during direct elections the nominee of the future prefect is always co-ordinated with the governor and an United Russia . the Local and regional authorities should work in common. Absolutely not defensible, if head any dotatsionnogo area does not represent a command of the head of area - mister Vasilenko believes. In it is information - analytical management of the mayoralty of Voronezh have expressed hope that the Belgorod experience with city appointment - the manager on a contract basis of a city will not concern. speech at meeting which was conducted by Alexey Gordeyev, went about those cases when, for example, powers on management are in this or that municipal union at one person, and the budget - at another. At us such problem is not present - have declared in goradministratsii. The comment of the mayor of Voronezh Sergey Koliuha concerning introduction in capital of Chernozem region of the scheme to destination city - the manager to receive yesterday it was not possible.

it was always easier to Voronezh regional administration to participate in management of rural areas, than Voronezhem how authorities " were formed; - political scientist Pavel Kabanov has noted. In its opinion, one of main objectives of the reform initiated by mister Gordeyev - acceleration of resignation of Sergey Koliuha. The confidence of heads of territories subordinated to it is necessary for Gordeyev. Probably, the governor aspires to exclude occurrence in the power of inconvenient or simply casual figures. And for management of the regional centre the person who is not connected with local elite is necessary to Gordeyev on 100 %. Such characteristic obviously does not approach Sergey Koliuhu - the expert has explained.

the deputy of the State Duma communist Ruslan Gostev has assumed that Alexey Gordeyev is in creative search . It needs to raise controllability of region and scrupulously to choose administrative shots, including at municipal level. But, nevertheless, it is impossible to cancel direct elections of such heads. The people should learn to carry out the power, and if at it to select local elections to vote osoznanno and never competently people will learn - he has told. And here companion Gostev has expressed prospects of resignation of Sergey Koliuha carefully: to Delete from the city power the first person - the serious step fraught with the big error. It will be possible only poaplodirovat for the new governor if it has already understood all artful designs in municipality. Gordeyev should be completely confident that the new head of administration of Voronezh will work more effectively the predecessor .

Political adviser Alexander Kosyrev considers that change of the mayor of Voronezh, at least an administrative way, is hardly probable possible in the near future. to send in resignation all operating management of a city, Gordeyev at first needs to generate more operated gordumu, and the nearest elections will pass only in March, 2010. Deputies of present convocation actually depend only on themselves, the majority of them is loyal in relation to Sergey Koliuhu. Accordingly both legislative, and executive power changes of elective system " are not favourable; - the expert has explained.