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to Dairy farms the demand line of credit

the Management company (UK) " is opened; Dairy holding (before Joint-Stock Company Babaevsky milk ) The basic owner of group Cherkizovo Igor Babayev and his family has started project realisation on creation of a network of dairy farms and mini - processing factories in the Tambov and Lipetsk areas. The general level of investments will make 2 mlrd roubles but while in the company opening of the demand line of credit of the Savings Bank on 520 million have achieved only and count on support of regional budgets. Analysts are afraid that the project will not sustain a competition to large players on quality of production.
Andrey Cholokjan, general director UK Dairy holding yesterday has informed that the company has started creation of a network of dairy farms in two regions of Chernozem region. In Lipetsk and Tambov areas from zero will be constructed on eight mini - farms on 150 milk cows everyone and on one mini - to factory by capacity of processing 25 t milk a day, and also at home for farmers by whom will be transferred in economy control. Itself UK Dairy holding Will incur delivery of forages, the organisation of processing and sale. The total amount of investments in two regions will make 2 mlrd roubles. The company plans to invest about 350 million own means, and an order of 200 million roubles, predictably, will allocate regional budgets - for an infrastructure.

according to mister Cholokjana, for realisation of the first stage of the project - buildings of two mini - farms and factories - It is central - Chernozemnyj bank of the Savings Bank of Russia has opened the companies the demand line of credit under 18 % at a rate of 520 million roubles for a period of eight years. As much, the top - the manager hopes, will make also a time of recovery of outlay of investments. He has specified that today in Hlevensky area of the Lipetsk region there will pass a bookmark molokopererabatyvajushchego factory, and in village Sagittariuses Tambov similar ceremony is planned for Friday. UK Dairy holding realises the project within the limits of the state program of support of family farms which earlier announced in the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

the Management company Dairy holding (before Joint-Stock Company Babaevsky milk ) Belongs to the basic owner of group Cherkizovo to Igor Babayev and members of his family, but does not enter into holding structure Cherkizovo . In its structure the economy located in the Vologda, Moscow and Penza areas. Joint-Stock Company Babaevsky milk it is registered in the end of October, 2008 specially under the project family mini - farms.

Mister Cholokjan has underlined yesterday that if in the market there were fair game rules, the situation in dairy animal industries would not be so difficult, as now. at the cost price of manufacture of milk approximately in 12 roubles for litre pererabotchiki are ready to buy it not more expensively nine whereas the price in retail does not fall. In the chain we intend to support that price level which would be favourable to all links. In particular, to pay for crude milk we want so much, how many it is required for maintenance of profitability of each farm. To receive mad incomes of processing and realisation we do not plan - Andrey Cholokjan has explained.

the General director of Institute of agrarian marketing Elena Tyurin has assumed that, considering that fact that in Igor Babayev`s project own processing and production sale is provided, its price will appear really considerably more low, than at other manufacturers. With it has agreed and the operating partner of the company Financial and organizational consulting Moisej Furshchik which have noticed that such strategy raises competitiveness of the project. However the expert has informed that at small enterprises it is difficult enough to support the high quality standards of production. on large molokozavodah is certain unified and tehnologizirovannye standards that provides stable quality of let out production. On small and family business all on - to another. And the more mini - farms and mini - factories will appear in a network, the it will be more difficult to establish the uniform quality standards and the it is more difficult to supervise and support them - mister Furshchik summarised.