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Vyacheslav Kalinin in GTG

To 70 - letiju the known artist - nonconformist Vyacheslav Kalinina the State Tretyakov gallery has organised its personal exhibition, having presented a retrospective show from 70 pictures created by the artist since 1960 on the present.

the career of Kalinin is rather axiomatic, similar marks can be found in the biography of every second representative other art . The first exhibition (together with Eric Bulatovym) at Institute of nuclear physics of I. V.Kurchatova in 1965, cooperation with Lianozovsky group, participation in the well-known exposition in pavilion Beekeeping on VDNH (1975), in numerous room exhibitions. In galleries it was exposed only abroad, from the beginning 1990 - h lives in America.

Vyacheslav Kalinina, the supporter of quite traditional technics, it is impossible to confuse with its officially recognised colleagues - the men of the seventies revelling in the toy images and smooth painting. Heroes of its pictures - not narodovoltsy, sportsmen and students, as in works of participants of youth exhibitions in the Arena, and carnival drunks, naked muses and razuhabistye artists. They occupy kalininskoe Zamoskvorechye where puchitsja and the roadway bubbles, and shaky little tables strive to dump from themselves lemons, decanters and tsvetastye the plates written in classical spirit. Vyacheslav Kalinina`s cloths - the developed lyrical narrations that he well knew: about semidrunk romantic life Moscow andegraundnoj bohemias.

Tony Oursler on Winery
- the American video artist, a world celebrity, whose exhibition in any way it is impossible to pass Tony Oursler. He was born in New York in 1957, has ended the Californian institute of arts and was engaged in labour-consuming crossing of a sculpture and video. Projecting on different subjects the mouths photographed on video, eyes and the whole persons, he created similarity of strange live beings, in the behaviour of reminding people.

it is considered to be it the critic of teleculture, but in practice all is a bit more difficult. Tony Oursler - the lineal heir of surrealists, the romanticists of the avant-guard who lost the way in search of an original reality and has created - imaginary, but places charming.

an exhibition on Winery with intriguing name the Broken off persons, beings, aliens, explosions represents Tonies Ourslera`s executed with 2004 for 2008 last five projects. Two of them about space - the Acid alien and the Space cloud . It is an amusing and horrible cocktail from a film fantasy and NASA pictures.

The culmination gives to public possibility to communicate to a speaking fiery sphere. The volume sound, a drawing of the high permission, sproetsirovannaja on two walls, provide full effect of presence. the cut to pieces head - quite naturalistic, but unexpectedly cheerful image of process of cutting of a human head. water - history about very beautiful life certain changeable liquid beings.

Oursler creates the mysterious poetical worlds and occupies their amusing and terrible beings, enjoying all rights of the creator and without reflecting on duties, the blessing the worlds artificial.