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a leading analyst of Sankt - the Petersburg Center of studying of the Near East

Process on organisation business Ergenekon becomes one of the main battles in struggle between Turkish supporters of a secular, European way of development and traditsionalistami. Actually this war goes any more one century. Its victims some sultans, tens ministers, thousand the unknown young men who were lost in bloody fights in streets of Istanbul have fallen. Today this struggle differs same beskompromissnostju, as well as in the XIX-th century beginning. However, if earlier janycharskie revolts suppressed a case-shot new time has brought new means.

now resisting forces initiate against each other litigations. The constitutional court which is under the influence of secular forces, has opened case on charge of party in power of justice and development (PSR) in infringement of secular bases of the constitution. In the answer the government has started to untwist business about preparation by the secret organisation Ergenekon antigovernmental revolution.

that process has strongly pronounced political character anybody does not have doubts. Both parties of the conflict perceive court as the next stage of war incessant between them. Behind party in power - support of the majority of the population, serious financial assets Islamic business - structures, approval of the world community interested in economic and political stability in the country. For supporters of a secular way - the powerful Turkish army repeatedly playing a key political role during numerous military coup d`etats, university circles and the most part of mass-media. The conflict is heated, but now, after actual justification PSR from the Constitutional court, the regulator role belongs to Islamic circles.

what there can be results of litigation? PSR can achieve as much as possible soft sentences accused with possible subsequent amnesty. It will speak about desire of the government to sit down for a negotiating table. Things in common it is possible to find enough: at army and the authorities in general the co-ordinated position concerning carrying out of military operation against Kurdish separatists in Northern Iraq, supporters of both currents support reduction of contacts to the USA and Israel, the common opinion was generated and concerning events on caucasus.

however many in Turkey predict the further aggravation of struggle. Proislamic forces are so assured of the success that can provoke litigation end by heavy charges to women under investigation. It will be submitted as the big victory of the government that will strengthen a tendency to removal of supporters of a secular way of development from power departments, mass-media and high schools.

In the answer the army can resort to a last resort - to a military coup d`etat that will turn back all achievements PSR in respect of economic development. Meanwhile especially dangerous such prospect looks in view of inflaming world crisis which while avoids Turkey.