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Swindlers have caused MTS damage

the Context

Militia has stopped activity of the criminal grouping which participants were engaged in territory of the Moscow region in illegal rendering of services of mobile communication with use sim - Open Society cards Mobile telesystems (MTS). On it have informed yesterday in a press - service of department of economic safety (DEB) the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. As have explained in MTS, activity of criminal group of the company causes a damage at a rate of 4 million rbl. Malefactors used unapproved communication devices - QSM - sluices. The statement which has arrived from a management by MTS became an occasion to carrying out operatively - search actions.

employees DEBa together with colleagues from bureau of special technical actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation have established addresses, the signal illegally working QSM - sluices whence arrived. During survey of premises in one of commercial structures have been found out QSM - sluices in which have involved 120 sim - MTS cards, and also 30 portable aerials and the telecommunication equipment connected to the Internet - have informed in a press - service DeBa.

On materials of checks the investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia brings criminal case on ch. 2 items 171 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Illegal business ) .

In Moscow Police officers on Sunday have prevented mass fight
have prevented large fight on severo - the east of Moscow, victims are not present, have informed in the capital Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. Under the operative data, in fight between Muscovites and natives from caucasus participation nearby 100 persons was planned. On Sunday nearby 23. 00 in militia messages from citizens about skirmishes and fights at a cinema " began to arrive; Orion and in adjoining streets. The strengthened militian patrols which have arrived into place, including OMON and horse horsemen, have dispersed crowd and have detained an order 15 - 20 persons. All of them have been delivered in regional departments of militia Severo - East district. Victims during incident are not present. According to preliminary data, two groups of youth consisting of Muscovites and natives from caucasus which have located in the nearest market, planned to sort out relations in fight. The detained young men after drawing up of reports on administrative offences have been released.

the reason of falling the Instant - 29 in Chita name over the weekend
the Reason of falling of a front fighter the Instant - 29 which has broken last week near Chita, there could be a malfunction in a control system of flaps. As already wrote past Friday the plane has taken off from the airdrome the Blast furnace located in 70 km from Chita, for performance of planned educational flights. In 10. 45, having flown by 50 km, the pilot has been compelled to catapult, the plane has fallen in vicinities of village Hadakta of Uletovsky area which is near to the regional centre. The pilot delivered in 321 - j hospital of the Siberian military district (SibVO). According to the chief military - investigatory department on garrison Wood Andrey Sapozhnikova, the pilot has related yesterday to a to the investigation that during flight at a fighter the control system of flaps has refused. Nevertheless in SibVO believe what to judge true causes of accident it will be possible, in - the first, after decoding a black box which is already found, and in - the second, after assemblage of all fragments the Instant - 29. According to military men, the fighter has fallen on a soft ground therefore its rests, including the rests of wings, have left deeply in soil. To make more or less clear picture of an event military men intend till the end of this week.

, Chita